They say that beauty is pain. It’s a lesson the women competing to become Eurovision’s Next Top Model have learned the hard way. On March 30, twenty-six aspiring superstars entered the House of Wiwi. Besides practicing their Eurovision songs, they’ve been running on our treadmills, working with our make-up artists, and spraying a whole lot of hairspray in the air (please, do not light a match). Nails were broken and feelings were too: Six of the women have already been eliminated during the first round of public voting, and four more are about to bite the dust. The final elimination of the semi-finals of Eurovision’s Next Top Model begins now.

Twenty mostly attractive women stand before me, but I only have 16 photos in my hands. And these photos represent the 16 of you who are still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Model.

A total of 18,441 votes have been cast in the semi-finals. The winner of the semi-finals has earned a whopping 4,735 of them, which equates to more than 25%. She puts the femininity in Mother Russia. She is Miss Dina Garipova!
Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 16.14.41

Congratulations, Dina. You’re still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Model. But don’t get lazy. ALL VOTES WILL BE DELETED and we will start out fresh in the finals.

The women finishing the semi-finals in second and third place previously led this contest. In the finals they will each have another chance. They are two-thirds of Serbia’s Moje 3 and they are 100% hot. They are Nevena and Sara!
Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 16.15.33
Congratulations. You’re both still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Model.

The woman entering the finals in fourth position has also led this competition at various points. She spoke with us live on, she released a ringtone of her Eurovision song, and she’s got a seriously banging body. She is Zlata Ognevich!

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 16.16.53

Congratulations. You’re still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Model.

There are only two other women who have earned more than 1,000 votes. One has already proven she can work about a million looks. And the other is the missing third of Moje 3. They are Belarus’ Alyona Lanskaya and Serbia’s Mirna!

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 16.17.46

Congratulations. You’re still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Model.

The next seven contestants advancing to the finals are safe. But that’s a word we loathe in the House of Wiwi. If you want to be on top then you need to set our hearts alight. Ladies, you better start moving or you will die standing in place.
Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 16.18.59

Congratulations. You’re still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Model.

Would Aliona, Moran, Raquel, Hannah, Despina, Natalia and Valentina please step forward.

Screen shot 2013-04-25 at 16.19.50

Seven mostly beautiful women stand before me. But I only have three photos in my hands. These photos represent the three of you who are still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Model. I will only call three names. Those of you whose name I do not call must return to the House of Wiwi, pack your lettuce, and leave. The public has voted, but the final decision is mine to make.

Aliona: I question your commitment to the contest. In the House of Wiwi I’m constantly hearing you practice your Eurovision song when you should be focusing on not eating. How can I trust you to be a good role model for aspiring superstars when all you want to do is practice?

Israel's Moran Mazor
Israel’s Moran Mazor

Moran: The other girls are frequently mispronouncing your name, and you always take their insults in stride. You represent the Plus Size market. In a house of Super Skinnies, that shows real strength. But you only managed to get 150 votes. That makes me worry that the world isn’t ready to embrace a woman with meat on her bones.

Raquel: You were absolutely charming in our live chat on Eurovision.tvPero vas a gastar todo su tiempo hablando por teléfono con sus compañeros de banda. ¿No deberías estar trabajando en su pie de pista? ¿Y quién se comió todo el chorizo??? Do you have what it takes to give up the sausage and become a star?

Hannah: You’re America’s Sweetheart and you give a damn good interview. But I worry about pulling you away from your beloved Slovenia and turning you into an international superstar. Are you willing to sacrifice your soul in the name of fame?

Despina: It’s been tough. Cyprus faces financial meltdown and the government can no longer afford to pay for your runway coach. Are you willing to pay the price to reach the top?

Natalia: You bring a fierce Brazilian look. But at just 18 years of age, are you too young to handle the pressure? How many caipirinhas can you tolerate before you pass out?

Valentina: You tore it up at the London Eurovision Party, showing a true diva during the warm-up session. But why do you only have 110 votes? I know you’re from a small country, but damn!

The three women who are advancing to the finals are….

Israel’s Moran. Spain’s Raquel. And San Marino’s Valentina. All the rest of y’all need to get OUT of my house! Do not take my towels or I will sabotage your semi-final at Eurovision!

The finals of Eurovision’s Next Top Model 2013 have started. You can vote in the finals by clicking here!

Semi-final Results

1. Russia’s Dina Garipova 4,736 25.68%
2. Serbia’s Nevena 2,677 14.52%
3. Serbia’s Sara 2,640 14.32%
4. Ukraine’s Zlata Ognevich 2,486 13.48%
5. Belarus’ Alyona Lanskaya 1,639 8.89%
6. Serbia’s Mirna 1,325 7.19%
7. Germany’s Natalie Horler 380 2.06%
8. Montenegro’s Nina Zizic 247 1.34%
9. Norway’s Margaret Berger 227 1.23%
10. The Netherlands’ Anouk 212 1.15%
11. Finland’s Krista Siegfrids 190 1.03%
12. Estonia’s Birgit 187 1.01%
13. Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest 176 0.95%
14. Moldova’s Alinoa Moon [ELIMINATED] 155 0.84%
15. Israel’s Moran Mazor 150 0.81%
16. Spain’s Raquel del Rosario 143 0.78%
17. Slovenia’s Hannah [ELIMINATED] 132 0.72%
18. Cyprus’ Despina Olympiou [ELIMINATED] 129 0.70%
19. Austria’s Natalia Kelly [ELIMINATED] 126 0.68%
20. San Marino’s Valentina Monetta 110 0.60%
21. Bulgaria’s Elitsa Todorova [ELIMINATED] 97 0.53%
22. France’s Amandine Bourgeous [ELIMINATED] 82 0.44%
23. The United Kingdom’s Bonnie Tyler [ELIMINATED] 67 0.36%
24. FYR Macedonia’s Esma Redzepova [ELIMINATED] 56 0.30%
25. Georgia’s Sophie Gelovani [ELIMINATED] 50 0.27%
26. Switzerland’s Women of Takasa [ELIMINATED] 22 0.12%

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Serbia Nevena and Sara




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