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The men competing to win Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2013 have broad shoulders—and boy do they need them. In order to become an international superstar, they have to carry the weight of expectation and plenty of heavy cannisters of protein powder. We launched the semi-finals of our poll on March 31 with 25 contestants. On April 16 we sent seven of them home. Today it’s time for two more men to leave the House of Wiwi. The final elimination of the semi-finals begins now.

Eighteen mostly attractive men stand before me. But I only have 16 photos in my hands. These photos represent the 16 of you who are still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2013. Over the past month our readers have cast a total of 3,471 votes to determine which 16 of you deserve a spot in the final. Our accountants have checked the results, so none of y’all have any reason to sue me if I send you home.

The winner of the semi-finals is known as “The Voice” in Romania. But our readers are starting to know him as “The Face” and “The Body”. He gave us a great interview at Eurovision in Concert. He is Romania’s Cezar Ouatu!

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 12.31.47

Congratulations. You’re still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model.

In second place is a man who has won over the Wiwi Jury with his song and his ripped abs. He’ll be releasing a workout series on YouTube imminently. He is the body from Baku. He is Azerbaijan’s Farid Mammadov!

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 12.34.33

Congratulations. You’re still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model.

The man finishing in third place in the semi-finals has wowed us with his weight loss in recent years. He proves that you can go from fat to fit and move straight to the top. He is Italy’s Marco Mengoni.

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 12.36.49

Congratulations. You’re still in the running to become Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model.

Look. This sh*t is taking forever and Wiwi needs to pack for Malmö. The following 11 men are all safe. But that’s not a word we like on Turn up the heat or you will all go down in flames.

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 12.36.20

Would the Men of Takasa, David Feito, ByeAlex and Juan Luis Suarez please step forward.

Screen shot 2013-04-28 at 12.57.41

Four mostly attractive men stand before me, but I only have two photos in my hands. And these photos represent the two of you who are still in the race to become Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2013. The four of you are the four biggest bottoms left in this contest. And by that I mean you have each received fewer than 60 votes, which is simply pathetic.

Takasa Switzerland Eurovision 8Men of Takasa: There are several of you. Given all that man muscle, why couldn’t you get a few more votes?

David Feito: You’re part of the threesome that is El Sueno de Morfeo. Are you too used to blending in to stand out?

ByeAlex: Your music is soporific and makes me feel like I’m strung out. Can someone who makes me think of drugs really be a role model for Eurovision fans?

Juan: I’m not sure you have the muscle mass to carry the title.

So who stays?

Well, there’s safety in numbers. Men of Takasa, you’re safe. Bring the group action and turn us on. David Feito, you’re also safe. Spain has a lot of voters and we need dem to be clicking on our blog.

As for Juan and ByeAlex, y’all need to go. Get out my house. Do not steal my towels. And keep doing those sit-ups. There may be some space in the House of Wiwi later this month if you can pull yourself together.

Semi-Final Results

Contestant Votes %
1. Romania’s Cezar 911 26.25%
2. Azerbaijan’s Farid Mammadov 654 18.84%
3. Italy’s Marco Mengoni 311 8.96%
4. Sweden’s Robin Stjernberg 152 4.38%
5. Latvia’s Ralfs Eilands 148 4.26%
6. Lithuania’s Andrius Pojavis 148 4.26%
7. Greece’s Men of Koza Mostra 144 4.15%
8. Malta’s Gianluca Bezzina 129 3.72%
9. Ireland’s Ryan Dolan 111 3.20%
10. F.Y.R. Macedonia’s Lozano 107 3.08%
11. Belgium’s Roberto Bellarosa 104 3%
12. Iceland’s Eythor Ingi 97 2.79%
13. Georgia’s Nodi Tatishvili 72 2.07%
14. Latvia’s Edmunds Rasmanis 60 1.73%
15. Switzerland’s Men of Takasa 59 1.70%
16. Spain’s David Feito 51 1.47%
17. Hungary’s ByeAlex [Eliminated] 50 1.44%
18. Spain’s Juan Luis Suarez [Eliminated] 39 1.12%
19. Croatia’s Men of Klapa s mora [Eliminated] 30 0.86%
20. Montenegro’s Noyz [Eliminated] 23 0.66%
21. Albania’s Adrian Lulgjuraj [Eliminated] 21 0.61%
22. Armenia’s Gor Sujyan [Eliminated] 19 0.55%
23. Montenegro’s Dedduh [Eliminated] 15 0.43%
24. Bulgaria’s Stoyan Yankulov [Eliminated] 9 0.26%
25. Albania’s Bledar Sejko [Eliminated] 7 0.20%

The finals of Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2013 begin May 1. All votes will be reset and we will start voting again. The poll will close on May 27, more than a week after the Eurovision final. We need to give y’all something to look forward to.

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i love you Farid you will be win


Cezar should be on the picture,nobody else!!!


faridddddddddddddddd land of fire love you very much


Cezar is nr 1 in Top Male Model!
Why is, first, the picture from Marco Megoni !?