During her promotional tour to Belgium Alyona Lanskaya wasn’t caught with her pants down. She was, however, caught staring at a boy without any pants.

Alyona, the Belarusian diva who will sing “Solayoh” at Eurovision, visited “Manneke Pis”—a statue locals know as “the little peeing boy.” When we got the press release mentioning that, we worried that Roberto Bellarosa had accidentally relieved himself on her feet. Not the case!

But Alyona still turned red in the face. Here she is mouth wide open.

Alyona Brussels15 Peeing

And here she is licking her lips as she eats a waffle covered in cream. Is she thinking of Roberto Bellarosa? We have no idea.

Alyona Lanskaya Brussels13 Waffle

But we do know that the pair spent some quality time together in the town earlier that day. The duo met at the Grand Place and posed for some photos. It’s unclear how they communicated as she speaks Belarusian and he speaks French. It must have been a real tongue-twister afternoon…especially since Roberto told us he wanted a partner when we spoke at Eurovision in Concert.


Alyona didn’t choose to visit Belgium just so she could hang with Roberto. She was visiting because the composer of her song is Belgian, and she thought it’d be a good idea to make an appearance (and potentially grab some votes). “This is a very important step in my promotion for ‘Solayoh’,” she said in a statement sent to wiwibloggs. “For me and for Belarus to show the best of my country!

You can watch our interview with the beautiful Alyona Lanskaya by clicking here.