Wiwi: Austria’s Natalia Kelly mounted the stage for her first rehearsal today wearing sparkly silver pants, an obvious play on her song “Shine”. Sadly the staging looks rather pedestrian with far too many people standing in a circle while crystal shards descend from the ceiling. Natalia holds back vocally in the clip below, but look for her to shatter said crystals when she belts it out Whitney Houston-style during her semi-final. Given the coarseness of hair I don’t think a wind machine would add much to this. But if she attaches some lace and chiffon wings to her outfit that added touch might bring excitement to what appears to be a very meh performance.

Vebooboo: This song for me has always been about the voice so I wasn’t bothered to see such simplistic staging. Natalia is bound to deliver next Tuesday and I would be surprised if she missed a spot in the final.

Photo Credit: Sander Hesterman (EBU)

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11 years ago

Like Belgium’s Iris last year, she needs more work on body-language that supports the song’s mood.