Wiwi: Dina Garipova sounds the same digitally re-mastered as she does live. Unlike several other artists, the quality of her voice remained as strong at today’s first rehearsal as it was in her official music video. The Wiwi Jury has already moaned about the cheesy sentiments of her song. But her stage performance is so classy and pared down that it gives her performance gravity and heft. Yes, singing about peace is very Miss Universe. But Miss Universe is one classy lady. My one concern comes with her backing vocalists. In the video below they are good but not as pitch perfect as Dina. Fortunately their microphones will be turned down anyway. (P.S. Did she borrow her lights from Valentina Monetta?)

Vebooboo: We already know that Dina took a visit to the grocery store and stocked up on cheese when she picked this song. But now we know she took a trip to San Marino, went to the local IKEA, and bought all of the lamps Valentina uses in her official video. A brighter stage does not always make for a brighter future. This is one of the most overrated songs of the year.

Photo Credit: Sander Hesterman (EBU)

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Bogdan Honciuc
7 years ago

Too many dark horses this year. It’s an entire herd…

7 years ago

She’s a dark horse this year. Too many people have ignored Russia in 2013. You can never underestimate Russia.