Wiwi: Meow! Slovenia’s Hannah Mancini turned it out Catwoman-style during her first rehearsal in Malmö this morning. The American-born Slovenian singer showed off all of her curves in a dress crafted by a Serbian designer, adding even more sex appeal to her sultry number. Three male back-up dancers do push-ups around Hannah, showing off their triceps and suggesting that Hannah is Queen of the Night. Hannah, who we spoke with at Eurovision in Concert, has given her euro-pop dance number a real club feel that really gets us moving. Juices are flowing. Let’s hope Europe salivates for Hannah during the first semi-final!

Vebooboo: What a pleasant surprise to see that this will not be Bulgaria 2012 all over again. At the national final she was all alone on stage. But Hannah has now sourced a saucy costume and managed to pick up three hot back-up dancers. This is our upgrade of the day.

Photo Credit: Sander Hesterman (EBU)

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10 years ago

There was no national final in Slovenia this year.