Wiwi: Moran Mazor brought her voice and her body to her first rehearsal at Eurovision this morning. The “Rak Bishvilo” singer wore a hip-hugging mermaid dress that shows off her figure—and two of her biggest assets. Her song title may translate as “Only for Him” in English, but she was giving all of us a peak! I love that she pairs this sexy dress with the glasses. She’s like a librarian who has wandered into a sultry cocktail lounge, and now people want to check out more than her books. Her vocals are as strong as they were at Kdam 2013. The staging is simple—man on piano, diva at microphone—but classic can cut through a sea of over-the-top. Is this another dark horse for our herd?

Vebooboo: Having copied “Molitva” and already shown her titties to the world, there wasn’t much left for Moran Mazor to reveal to us in her first rehearsal today. This Fran Drescher/Ugly Betty look-a-like will still work it on Thursday with her quality vocals and oh-so-tight ball gown. All in all no surprises. Still a good song.

Deban: Moran is STELLAR!!! Even during the rehearsals she remains fully in character. She adjusts the pitch, and gives her feedback, but at the same time, doesn’t disconnect from the mood of the song. Many pop stars struggle with this, yet Mazor delivers it with sophisticated ease. Her staging has all the elements of a power ballad, including a man on a piano. The LED is just right, and her ball gown places the right amount of emphasis. To be honest though, very little of it will elevate what I already consider to be one of Israel’s best efforts.

Photo Credit: Sander Hesterman (EBU)

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Beautiful song, excellent vocals, DREADFUL DRESS