For any of you out there who think Eastern Europeans are cold people, it’s time you meet Alyona Lanskaya. Following an amazing second rehearsal, the Belarussian bombshell graced us with a bucket of smiles at her press conference. She explained that she hopes “Solayoh” can bring happiness to the whole world, and that she picked this song because of its energy and ability to allow her to dance.

But while Alyona herself may be thin and in-shape, she sure as hell knows how to appeal to her Eurovision fan and press base. Following the press conference, there was literally a stampede to the front of the room to pick up Belarussian goody bags. William and I are never one to turn down something free, so rest assured we ran as fast as we could — and as you can see, it was well worth it!  Belarus is fattening us up this year on quality sweets, ranging from milk chocolate to fudge to gumballs to a big-ass star-shaped gingerbread with Alyona’s name written in frosting.

Every year several nations go all out on the PR front and offer up free goodies. I am pleased to announce that Belarus wins this year’s PR competition hands-down.

Vebooboo enjoys a midnight snack!


Photos: wiwibloggs

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