Vebooboo: I was never the biggest fan of this song. It reminded me of ‘Dum Tek Tek’ in that its lyrics are so remedial and generic, and I found it quite repetitive. But y’all, I have to admit that Alyona really turned it out yesterday at her second rehearsal. From the moment she emerges from her shining disco ball, the Belarussian bombshell commands the stage, swiveling her hips and making the most of her revealing sequin dress. Vocally Alyona was really spot on yesterday, and her choreography is relatively simple yet appealing. Is this the most profound song of the year? Hells no. But will viewers enjoy listening to and watching it? Hells yes! I’d be shocked if this doesn’t make it through…

Wiwi: The moment Alyona Lanskaya stepped out of her disco ball, I knew that the dancing was gonna be fierce. Her choreography is among the hottest at Eurovision 2013, and so are those legs that stretch for miles. (No wonder Roberto Bellarosa seemed to fall in love with her in Belgium). This song makes me sweat and Ima need to you pass the towel because I’m about to slip off my chair! Alyona is a true poet, and her memorable lyrics could make Ugly Betty feel sexy. “Solayoh, Solayoh, where the sun is always shining on ya/ We play-oh, we play-oh to the rhythm of a cha-cha.”

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Photocredit: Thomas Hanses (EBU)

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