Wiwibloggs readers have cast a total of 6,729 votes in our poll to determine who will win the first semi-final at Eurovision. The poll closes Sunday night at midnight Swedish time. This is your last chance to review the results and vote for your favourite.

When we last checked the results on 7 May, Serbia’s Moje 3 led Holland’s Anouk by 60 votes. But following a stellar series of rehearsals the “Birds” singer has flown into the lead by 39 votes. She also finished in first place with the Wiwi Jury, so definitely has momentum.

The 14 other contestants have not changed position in our poll. According to our poll the other qualifiers will be Denmark, Belarus, Ukraine, Ireland, Austria, Slovenia, Moldova and Montenegro.

Voting ends Sunday evening. You can’t complain about the results unless you vote, so let your voice be heard by clicking here.

Current Standings

Contestant Votes %
1. The Netherlands: Anouk with “Birds” 1,047 15.56%
2. Serbia: Moje 3 with “Ljubav je svuda” 1,006 14.95%
3. Denmark: Emmelie de Forest with “Only Teardrops” 796 11.83%
4. Belarus: Alyona Lanskaya with “Solayoh” 544 8.08%
5. Ukraine: Zlata Ognevich with “Gravity” 451 6.70%
6. Ireland: Ryan Dolan with “Only Love Survives” 405 6.02%
7. Austria: Natália Kelly with “Shine” 395 5.87%
8. Slovenia: Hannah Mancini with “Straight Into Love” 346 5.14%
9. Moldova: Aliona Moon with “A Million” 329 4.89%
10. Montenegro: Who See with “Ingranka” 285 4.24%
11. Cyprus: Despina Olympiou with “An Me Thimase” 284 4.22%
12. Russia: Dina Garipova with “What If” 255 3.79%
13. Croatia: Klapa s Mora with “Mizerja” 176 2.62%
14. Estonia: Birgit Oigemeel with “Et uus saaks alguse” 155 2.30%
15. Belgium: Roberto Bellarosa with “Love Kills” 132 1.96%
16. Lithuania: Andrius Pojavis with “Something” 123 1.83%

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Mark Dowd
Mark Dowd
9 years ago

Serbia 2nd…!! Well, shows you the limits of these things.

Callum Frazer
9 years ago

Absolute knock out. I hate to admit it but the Belarus entry ‘Solayoh’ is a potential WINNER so get over yourselves dudes because this one is going all the way whether we like it or not!

Jim Willerby
9 years ago

Solayoh is in the true spirit of Eurovision. I don’t know about the ‘artiste’ but this song is a contest classic that will definitely score high on the night and it deserves to.

9 years ago

I would switch Belgium and Montenegro.

9 years ago

I would switch Belgium and Austria. Otherwise, I am crossing my fingers that these are the qualifiers, in whatever order…