Wiwi: In our review of Valentina Monetta’s first rehearsal we worried that the “Crisalide” singer might turn into this year’s Kati Wolf and get crushed by all the hype surrounding her. We’re pleased to report we’re now over that.

Valentina held back vocally today—a woman needs to rest her voice!—but the staging and choreography were on point. At the start of the act she doesn’t just find her light. She clutches it in her lap and rubs it against her face courtesy of our favourite lamp. (We hope the bulb doesn’t overheat or she might get second degree burns). The stage act captures well the idea of transformation. Valentina begins in darkness and is draped in a black cape. But by the time she hits the 2:00 mark the disco beat has dropped and her back-up dancers have ripped off said cape to reveal her stunning red dress. She knows how to howl into a wind machine and still gives us FACE while she’s doing it. Valentina brought the drama at her EuroClub party and she brought the drama today. Get the woman an Oscar and a spot in the final!

Photo: Sander Hesterman (EBU)

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