Finland, Krista Siegfrids, 3

The race to win wiwibloggs’ search for Eurovision’s Next Top Model is longer than any runway at Paris Fashion Week. We started the contest in March with 25 (mostly attractive women). After 18,841 votes we whittled the list down to 16 beauties. Hairspray has been stolen. Nail files have been used as weapons. Norway and Israel got into a cat fight over their hip-hugging mermaid dresses.

Voting in the final ends on May 25—one week after the Eurovision final—so you still have time to support your favourite.

Ukraine’s Zlata Ognevich currently leads with 34% of all votes. If you want to look like her, watch this video in which she shares her top health and beauty tips for Team Wiwi.

The women of Serbia’s Moje 3 continue to perform well, occupying spots 2, 3 and 4. We’re still torn up that they didn’t advance to the final, but we know they have bright futures ahead of them both as singers and Top Models. If you need further proof of their charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent, check out these videos from the Balkans Party earlier this week. Wiwi and Vebooboo and Dr D and Jacob were on hand and we were totes impressed. You can also watch our video interview with them. They are fuh-fuh-fierce!

Nina Zizic, the Montenegrin beauty who is currently in sixth place has this special message for all of you voting in the contest.

You can review the current standings below. Then vote in the poll by clicking here.

Current Standings

Aspiring Model Votes %
1. Ukraine’s Zlata Ognevich 3,743 33.86%
2. Serbia’s Sara 2,518 22.78%
3. Serbia’s Nevena 1,871 16.93%
4. Serbia’s Mirna 792 7.16%
5. Belarus’ Alyona Lanskaya 605 5.47%
6. Montenegro’s Nina Zizic 275 2.49%
7. Finland’s Krista Siegfrids 197 1.78%
8. Norway’s Margaret Berger 174 1.57%
9. The Netherlands’ Anouk 173 1.57%
10. Estonia’s Birgit 141 1.28%
11. Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest 137 1.24%
12. Germany’s Natalie Horler 120 1.09%
13. Spain’s Raquel del Rosario 108 0.98%
14. Israel’s Moran Mazor 73 0.66%
15. San Marino’s Valentina Monetta 69 0.62%
16. Russia’s Dina Garipova 58 0.52%

You can read our song reviews on the Wiwi Jury page. Then read the lyrics to this year’s entries on our contestants page. And then vote for your favourite contestants in our various polls.

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They all are pretty,Sara and Nevena can go straight to a London fashion week,Zlata,Alyona beautyfull but adul woman,just can t compare to this young girls.