In recent years the Big 5—those countries with deep pockets who automatically qualify for the final—have really brought it. From Germany’s Lena to Italy’s Raphael Gualazzi, the Big 5 is now synonymous with the Top 10. Throw in the host nation, whose contestant won the previous year, and you’ve got six automatic qualifiers for the final who can threaten for the Eurovision trophy.

Germany's Cascada
Germany’s Cascada

Two days ago Team Wiwi asked you to choose your favourite Big 6 contestant. After a total of 951 votes, we can now reveal that Italian stallion Marco Mengoni has one the race by a sequin. The “L’Essenziale” singer, who loves him some Salvatore Ferragamo, earned 225 votes. That put him just one vote ahead of Germany’s Cascada. The “Glorious” dance act earned 224.

Britain’s Bonnie Tyler came third, despite experiencing a total eclipse of her voice during a press conference this week. Y’all are clearly very forgiving and threw her 152 votes. That put her narrowly ahead of France’s Amandine Bourgeous. The “Hell and Me” singer took home 150. Sweden’s Robin Stjernberg, who wax and waned on modesty at his most recent press conference, came fourth with 135.

El Sueno de Morfeo, the Spanish band that draws on Celtic sounds but ultimately ends up sounding like cheap Enya, came last. They earned just 65 votes for their song “Contigo hasta el final”.

Complete Results

1. Italy’s Marco Mengoni with “L’essenziale”: 225 votes, 23.66%

2. Germany’s Cascada with “Glorious” 224 vote,  23.55%

3. The UK’s Bonnie Tyler with “Believe in Me” 152 votes,  15.98%

4. France’s Amandine Bourgeois with “L’enfer et moi” 150 votes,  15.77%

5. Sweden’s Robin Stjernberg with “You” 135 votes,  14.2%

6. Spain’s El Sueno de Morfeo with “Contigo hasta el final” 65 votes,  6.83%

Photo: Dennis Stachel (EBU)

You can read our song reviews on the Wiwi Jury page. Then read the lyrics to this year’s entries on our contestants page. And then vote for your favourite contestants in our various polls.

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9 years ago

viva italia!! the highest-ranked big 6 member in eurovision 2013!