Robin Stjernberg doesn’t just know how to hit the high notes. As a former wrestler he knows how to throw down on the mat and can pin a man down in any number of positions. Despite performing all that Greek exercise Robin still ballooned in size as a teenager. Appearing on Swedish Idol motivated him to finally pair exercise with healthy eating—and we’ve been watching him slim down ever since. Wiwibloggs recently caught up with Robin in Malmö to ask him about his weight loss. Deban then followed up with a question about the “you” in Robin’s Eurovision entry “You”. You can watch the two brief videos below.

Robin on losing weight:

Robin on “You”:

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11 years ago

OMG 😀 he is so nice

11 years ago


11 years ago

Robin got something…he is magnet,just like Nevena ,she just posted on twitter she voted for Robin..cute 🙂