When Loreen sang “We Got the Power” to her fellow Eurovision stars during the interval act last Saturday, she wasn’t kidding. Denmark’s Emmelie de Forest and her posse of contestants are flexing some major commercial muscle by breaking into the Top 10 of the iTunes charts all across Europe. Let’s have a look.

SwedenEmmelie de Forest’s winning song “Only Teardrops” has reached #1 in Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Norway and Sweden, and is #2 in Finland, #4 in the Netherlands, #5 in Austria, #6 in Ireland and Spain, #8 in Switzerland and #10 in the Netherlands. Can you hear the cha-ching of the cash regiester?

Norway’s Margaret Berger has seen “I Feed You My Love” reach #2 in Greece and Sweden, and #3 in Finland.

Sweden’s Robin Stjernberg reached #7 in Norway with “You”. Ukraine’s Zlata Ognevich has climbed to #8 in Sweden with “Gravity”.  We are sure “she very happy.”

Azerbaijan’s Farid Mammadov is charting at #11 in Russia.

Other contestants have only seen success at home, but perhaps they’ll climb in other markets soon. Anouk is #1 in the Netherlands, Koza Mostra is #3 in Greece, Roberto Bellarosa is #10 in Belgium, and Ryan Dolan is #10 in Ireland.

Non-competing singers have received a bump as well. Loreen’s “Euphoria” re-appeared on the Greek charts at #9; her new single “We Got the Power” shot to #9 in Sweden and #10 in Finland.

ABBA’s Benny, Björn and Avicii will be happy to see “We Write the Story” at #5 in Sweden, while Lynda Woodruff, I mean Sarah Dawn Finer, will be all smiles as her take on “The Winner Takes It All” sits at #6 in Sweden.

A lot of these songs—including Anouk’s, Margaret Berger’s and Robin Stjernberg’s—had previously topped the iTunes charts in their home country. But surely this post-Eurovision bump is a welcome boost to their success.

Please note that the above was accurate as of 16:00 GMT on Tuesday, 21 May. Click here for the latest iTunes charts.

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10 years ago

i definitely doubt her success was so huge, particularly in the Netherlands (and other countries as well), where people KNOW her song is a plagiarism. give us a break. now, when several participant countries claim irregularities related to votes, you want to cover the cheatings. something stinks in Denmark (and the Eurovision too).

10 years ago

bitter much? coz you are!!!!!

10 years ago

Universal Music must be happy after that 5 month long campaign and rigged results.