We’ve had time to digest the split televote-jury results for the grand final and first semi-final, so we’re finally ready to tuck into the second semi. Thank goodness we have our painkillers by the computer: The new EBU rules are seriously giving us a headache.

Overall Table

Here’s what the combined table looks like. As you’ll recall, the Top 10 countries advanced to the final. Malta’s singing doctor Gianluca Bezzina won the jury vote, but Romania’s p-opera star Cezar Ouatu won the televote. Neither won overall. That went to Eurovision’s Next Top Male Model 2013 Farid Mammadov (he came third with the public and second with the professionals).

Country Overall Televote Jury
Azerbaijan 1 3 2
Greece 2 2 3
Norway 3 4 4
Malta 4 7 1
Romania 5 1 13
Iceland 6 9 8
Armenia 7 11 7
Hungary 8 8 11
Finland 9 10 6
Georgia 10 13 5
San Marino 11 12 10
Bulgaria 12 6 17
Switzerland 13 5 16
Israel 14 14 9
Albania 15 15 12
FYR Macedonia 16 16 14
Latvia 17 17 15


Were the professional jury eliminated—thereby harking back to Eurovision pre-2009—then neither Armenia nor Georgia would have made the final. Instead Switzerland and Bulgaria would have sailed through in spots 5 and 6. Some have suggested that the juries were told to be nice to Armenia (who, as you remember, withdrew from the 2012 contest in Baku over security concerns). Gossip-mongers claim that the powers-that-be feared Yerevan would pull out in 2014 if they didn’t make it to the final in 2013. We couldn’t possibly comment, but we were definitely shocked when the Dorians advanced over the likes of busty Miss Moran Mazor of Israel. (Shalom, Mo-Ma. We love you!)

Country Televote
Romania 1
Greece 2
Azerbaijan 3
Norway 4
Switzerland 5
Bulgaria 6
Malta 7
Hungary 8
Iceland 9
Finland 10
Armenia 11
San Marino 12
Georgia 13
Israel 14
Albania 15
FYR Macedonia 16
Latvia 17

Who the Jury Hurt

To illustrate the relative pull of the jury we’ve subtracted each contestant’s jury ranking from their televote ranking. A negative difference implies the jury stung them. A positive number indicates the jury helped them.

As with the grand final, Cezar suffered the most at the hands of the jury. They marked him down 12 places when compared to televoters. The jury also killed Bulgaria’s Elitsa and Stoyan, who posted a jury effect of -11 each. The jury also hurt Hungary and Greece, though to a much lesser extent.

Georgia’s Sophie & Nodi benefitted the most from the jury (+8), followed by Malta (+5). The jury placed Israel in spot #9, but it wasn’t enough to make up for the public defecit. Boooooo.

Country Televote Jury Difference
Romania 1 13 -12
Bulgaria 6 17 -11
Switzerland 5 16 -11
Hungary 8 11 -3
Greece 2 3 -1
Norway 4 4 0
Azerbaijan 3 2 1
Iceland 9 8 1
San Marino 12 10 2
FYR Macedonia 16 14 2
Latvia 17 15 2
Albania 15 12 3
Armenia 11 7 4
Finland 10 6 4
Israel 14 9 5
Malta 7 1 6
Georgia 13 5 8

Photo: Eurovision.tv (EBU)

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8 years ago

@mf no offence but the maltese song did very well with the jury if iam not mistaken it came first with the jury because those are profacinal people about the songs and they knew that the maltese song was the best song for eurovision this year . and about the televoteing it came 7th place because most of the televoters vote for the nieghbours . thank god there was the 50% votes of the jury this year .otherwise i think the maltese song maybe didnt pass from the semis to the final and that would be a shame . thanks… Read more »

8 years ago

StillEuroFan, completely agree with you. I bet the juries we had this year don’t have a clue what the “Q.E.D.” you ended your comment with would mean.

8 years ago

How interesting! I see the public enjoyed pop-opera music, but the jury didn’t. In my opinion, the jury should develop itself in order to be in trend. I suppose next year, when a pop-opera song will be sing by the right singer, perhaps not as good as Cezar – but this will be a minor issue, the pop-opera song will be the winner because the public already expressed its option one year earlier and the jury had enough time to adjust its kind of voting according to public preference. And so, the jury will prove its sensibility to agora voice.… Read more »

8 years ago

Romania’s song is great

8 years ago

So…The juries gave the old man (95-year-old Emil Ramsauer of Switzerland) the shaft. I am really disappointed with that… …Unfortunately, seeing how juries neutralize the effects of disapora voting, and weed out a performance or two that is unquestionably mediocre, I’m afraid the split method may be the best way… …Unless there is a better way to even things out. And why are the juries reaching decisions based upon what they see from the REHEARSALS (if I read right)? There are times when someone who has a lousy rehearsal (not necessarily in this competition) comes out and blows everyone away… Read more »

8 years ago

But it seems the Juries have no major effect on the top songs. All the songs effected werent going to win anyhow – so who really cares – move on people Look forward to next year. The juries were instituted to dilute the effect of block voting – and they indeed do that – so until the people can be trusted to make an unbiased decision – live with it!!!!!

8 years ago

Malta’s song is great…

8 years ago

BTW, no offense to Malta. Gianluca deserved to do well just for his smile, but it bothers me that a cute song did so well in general and in particular with the juries when there were more deserving entries…Norway for sure was much better and same for the “hated” Azerbaijan…Not that I don’t believe all corruption stories related to Azerbaijan…

8 years ago

So, the juries were all (or most) BS, as they dragged down Israel & San Marino by ranking them 9 & 10, when it was obviously they did not stand a chance with televoters…Really and Greece 3rd place with juries!!! Most bloggers complained about Romania taking somebody’s place, but obviously Armenia & Georgia took it…

8 years ago

We are starting to have a few “Yohios” here…wanted by the fans but not by the jury. Well, I hope it’s some comfort to them to know that people spent money on them, even if it was in vain.

8 years ago

The jury is basically easier way to manipulate the results.