First Cascada win our award for worst vocals. Now they win the Amaury Vassilli Award for Biggest Disappointment. Seriously, why all y’all hating on Germany’s biggest electro-pop dance group?

The answer, of course, is that you’re not. “Biggest Disappointment” implies that you had high expectations for the group. Sadly they didn’t live up to them. On the eve of Eurovision the bookies listed the group as ninth most-likely to win. But on the big night Cascada, front-woman Natalie Horler, and their song “Glorious” landed in a disappointing 21st. Perhaps awarding them this title is just an indicator of how much you had hoped they would win. Here are the results:

1. Cascada: 411 votes, 34.57%
2. Valentina Monetta: 351 votes, 29.52%
3. Moje 3: 150 votes, 12.62%
4. Robin Stjernberg: 143 votes, 12.03%
5. Nodi Tatishvili and Sophie Gelovani: 134 votes, 11.27%

Amaury VassilliThe Amaury Vassilli Award honours France’s 2011 contestant who went from hero to zero when the Eurovision results came in. The opera star was a favourite of bookies and fans alike in the run up to the grand final, and rumour had it that the French delegation had already booked venues to host ESC 2012. Given all the hype, Team Wiwi harassed Amaury to give us this interview on April 7. And we stalked him in the press centre until we got this photo. We were so convinced he would do well Wiwi took to wearing a red, white and blue lei to mark France’s imminent victory. Oops. Amaury finished 15th.

This award is just one of a dozen awards we have launched as part of the inaugural Valentina Monetta Awards. Our 12 categories—from best dressed to most most wronged at ESC—identify the contestants who left the biggest impression on Eurovision fans, regardless of whether they won the contest or not.

Photo: Cascada


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6 years ago

wtf worst vocals ? i think she is great they or she did not desevre that one! come on

7 years ago

Royraniel, I think that Cascada was the right winner of this poll, although Esma should’ve won the worst vocals section. The bookies, Eurovision and Cascada fans all had high expectations for them to do well this year and possibly another top 10 finish for Germany. Sadly, it didn’t happen and fell way below our expectations in Malmö as a result.

7 years ago

Wasn’t Amaury 2011?

7 years ago

clearly she didn’t deserve this…..