N-SCREENS, a Spanish company that is dedicated to marketing thematic tv channels, may set up a network devoted to the Eurovision Song Contest.

That’s according to online website Vanitatis, which spoke with Ignacio Ochoa, one of the company’s partners. “Our idea is to have for each channel between 10,000 and 25,000 subscribers with common interests, with very specific tastes,” Ochoa said.

So in June it launched its first three channels devoted to sports, international affairs and economics, and wine and spirits. Each costs 2.99 euros per month and is broadcast on T.D.T. (the TV broadcasting system in Spain), and on the Internet, smartphones, and smart TV and tablets.

In the following months the company will conduct research on social networks to assess which new thematic channels to launch. Eurovision will likely get a lot of support given the number of eurofans in the country.

We’re still scratching our heads over what they’ll show—and whether top Spanish Eurovision talent will be asked to host their own Eurovision-themed shows. Could Pastora Soler become the next Oprah and ask Soraya personal details about her time in Moscow? Will Daniel Diges get a cooking show? Stay tuned….

Sergi Ibor contributed this report from Spain. Follow him on Twitter at @SergiIbor and keep up with the latest Eurovision news by liking our Facebook page.

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Jelly G
Jelly G
8 years ago

Um, I would pay 20 euros a month for that! What fun!