After coming 14th in Malmö, Sweden’s Eurovision representative Robin Stjernberg has released his new album “Pieces”. The Swedes have high expectations for this album, considering that Robin’s debut album “My Versions” topped the charts in January last year. The album features his Eurovision entry “You” and new single “Crime” which he previewed on Swedish TV earlier this month.

Despite only receiving 60 points at Eurovision, Stjernberg’s latest single has proven to be massively popular across Europe and entered the Top 5 of the Swedish iTunes Chart within hours of its release. Tickets for his tour are selling fast across Scandinavia. Maybe Eurovision wasn’t such a disaster after all, eh Robin?

Previews of all the singles to feature on his album were released on Wednesday, and it’s fair to say he didn’t disappoint. Every track features either one of his classic guitar riffs or a crazily long high note which you’d be forgiven for thinking was a diva tantrum. The album previews can be heard here.

The album is available on iTunes today, and could be the perfect cure to your long term PED. Maybe Robin could even restore our faith in Eurovision boys with quiffs after the whole Jedward debacle of 2011 and 12. Maybe… Just maybe….

Katie Wilson contributed this report from the U.K. Follow her on Twitter @KatieWillFly.

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10 years ago

Very nice i think he should be involved in duets with other singers ,like Moje 3 from Serbia,that would be more atractive to european audience.