Last year Wiwi and I were super impressed by Loreen’s commitment to human rights as she crab-walked her way to Eurovision victory. She was the only singer, apart from perhaps Tooji, to openly discuss the issues rampant in Azerbaijan.

Well, it turns out that there has been a bit of a scandal much closer to Loreen’s home. According to Swedish tabloid Nöjesbladet, Loreen’s 22 year-old assistant under the pseudonym Astrid allegedly never got paid for a month’s worth of work (over 10,000 SEK) while under the leadership of photographer Charli Ljung.

Astrid was not a happy camper, y’all. “I felt disappointed and taken advantage of just because I was young. These months [of fighting for payment] have taken unnecessary time and energy, but it’s great to finally be solved.” It was apparently only after pressure from the Swedish tabloid that Astrid got her bling.

Loreen wrote to the tabloid in an email that a “misunderstanding or negligence has occurred”. She continued to say that she would find out what went wrong when she gets back home from her work travels (in Los Angeles).

Charli Ljung also made apologies to the tabloid. “I’ve had way too much to do, and the matter fell between the chairs. Astrid should have of course received compensation, and the plan was never anything else. Your conversation was a great reminder to solve the matter.”

Apparently this isn’t the first time Loreen has been associated with this kind of drama. Last year Tommy Granfors allegedly slaved away over 300 hours at Globen as a designer for Loreen’s Melodifestivalen act. When he sent in an invoice for 97,000 SEK to Loreen’s record label Warner, he received nothing at first. In the end he received compensation of about 5,000 SEK for material costs.

Now, I am a huge fan of Loreen, and have been since she first entered Melodifestivalen with My Heart is Refusing Me. She does a lot of good for the music world by daring to be different…and by raising controversial topics. But these stories hopefully serve as a reminder to the star that with her increasingly visible and global profile she will need to institute strict rules within her team regarding this kind of issues. I have faith that she will, and will continue to be a superstar among Team Wiwi! Just remember, girl, a paid employee is a happy employee. An unpaid employee will make you pay!

Vebooboo Nadella contributed this report from Amsterdam. Follow the team from on Twitter @wiwibloggs and keep up with the latest Eurovision news by liking our Facebook page.