Following Anastasiya Petryk’s runaway victory at Junior Eurovision last year, everybody and their little sister wants to represent Ukraine at this year’s contest in Kyiv.

Host broadcaster NTU has published the names of the 20–yes TWENTY–finalists who will compete in the national pre-selection. Surprisingly that lists includes two girls named Sofia Kutsenko–one from Kyiv, the other from Kharkiv. If this were the X-Factor they’d be forced to join forces and compete as “Sofia X 2” or “Double Trouble”. The competition also includes the rather amusingly named Trio Bin Apetite. Presumably they will sing about nourriture and dress as a croissant, baguette and filet of salmon on stage.

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1. Inessa Gritsaenko

2. Hristina Tkachuk

3. Erik Saharian

4. Duet “Radiosimya”

5. Sofia Kutsenko (Kyiv)

6. Andriy Boyko

7. Anna Vagabova

8. Alim khakimov

9. Kirill Sokolov

10. Yana Guruliova

11. Band Kapriz

12. Sofia Kutsenko (Kharkiv)

13. Trio ”Bon Apetite”

14. Band co mix

15. Valeri

16. Dmitry Ludanniy

17. Adelina Logvynenko

18. Ivnna Orlyuk

19. Polina Andreeva

20. Sofia Tarasova

Professional jury

1. Vladislav Baginskiy

2. Victoriya Romanova

3. Mikhail Nekrasov

4. Alla Popova

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