Valentina Monetta, the greatest jazz singer ever to come out of San Marino, has officially declared her love for the gays. The “Crisalide” singer will perform her Eurovision song at Stockholm Pride on August 1, joining Eurovision winners Emmelie de Forest and Lys Assia on the main stage. We’re so excited rainbows are shooting out of our ears!

Miss Monetta isn’t just drumming up good publicity: She really does support the LGBT community. In a press release sent to, she argued that we all deserve “the right to live and not just to survive” and pleaded the case for gay marriage.

I’ve never made a distinction between gay or straight. As a human being, an LGBT person has the same rights as everyone else. I’m in total favour of marriage between people of the same sex. Love is a universal feeling and has no gender. I’ve always been supportive of the LGBT community and will support it forever. I wish that we will soon be rid of stereotypes created by too many years of racism and religious culture. To love and to be loved is a right, no matter if it’s straight or gay love. The important thing is to be coherent and honest with our own feelings with no fear.

Amen to that. Valentina isn’t the first Eurovision artist to stand up for LGBT rights. Finland’s Krista Siegfrids used her song “Marry Me” as a platform to promote marriage equality, and went as far as to stage a lesbian kiss on stage.

Will you be at Stockholm Pride? Who are you most looking forward to seeing? Regardless, be sure to give them all 12 points from Team Wiwi!

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Photo: Valentina Monetta

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8 years ago

Margaret and Valentina again on the same stage! It couldn’t go better for the Stockholm Pride. 🙂

Vebooboo Nadella
Vebooboo Nadella
8 years ago

Oooh, I love this woman more than ever before…