If the organizers behind Stockholm Pride release an official soundtrack, they could call it “Eurovision’s Greatest Hits.” That’s because the UK’s 1996 entrant Gina G. has joined a growing list of EuroStars performing at the event on August 1.

Miss G. will support her gay fans by performing her ESC song Ooh Ah…Just A Little Bit. Older Eurovision fans may remember her as the hotly tipped pre-contest favourite. She only managed a respectable 8th place finish that year, but that seems like a god send given Britain’s recent finishes.

Despite representing the UK, she actually hails from Australia. Perhaps outsourcing yields better results for the Brits? That’s something to think about for all you important people at the BBC who chose The Hump over The Hurts in 2012. Anyway, you can watch her entry below…


Despite coming eighth, the song went on to be a MASSIVE hit around the world. It’s the last UK entry to top the charts in the UK itself, and it even gained popularity in the United States–a rare achievement indeed. It charted at number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, and was even nominated for a Grammy Award in 1997. And recently the team from wiwibloggs.com named an award after Gina. I guess she had the last laugh, huh?

It’s only natural that Gina G. should perform at Stockholm Pride. Her Eurovision entry gained most of its popularity from dance clubs (gay and straight) that played it on loop. She has also performed at numerous LGBT events in the past, including shows at G.A.Y., formerly London’s premier gay nightclub. The G in Gina G might as well stand for “gay icon.”

She joins an array of other Eurovision stars set to make appearances at Stockholm Pride. This year’s winner Emmelie de Forest and the first ever winner Lys Assia will be there, along with other 2013 contestants like Margaret Berger, Roberto Bellarosa, Krista Siegfrieds, and San Marino’s triple entrant Valentina Monetta. Stockholm Pride is scheduled for August 1.

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Photo: Gina G.