Don’t you love it when Eurovision stars ditch all the PR waffle and just say what’s on their minds! Well, that’s precisely what Jade Ewen did when she spoke to Digital Spy the other night. When asked about her time on the celebrity diving show “Splash!” she as good as admitted that the show was rubbish, implying that she only did it for the pay cheque:

“I had fun, yeah. I didn’t know what it was going to be like … It could have been amazing like ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ on the water – it wasn’t. If I’m really honest they paid me amazingly, I only had to dive once. I was very happy.”

Jade also shared her thoughts (and possibly the thoughts of many Wiwi readers) on the show’s mentor, Olympic medalist and heartthrob, Tom Daley:

“He is fit. He’s got a great six pack. He deserves it. He’s such a nice guy as well. He hasn’t got any ego about him. It would be quite easy for him to get too big for his boots, but he’s lovely.”

Jade has been a very busy girl of late. First “Splash!”, then that underwhelming collaboration with trance act Lost Witness and now apparently she’s set to appear in a new television drama:

“I play a bit of a bitch, basically … My character in it is a singer. She’s bitter and she tries to do everything she can to sabotage the main girls.”

All that along with a planned Sugababes comeback next year, Jade you must be wrecked!

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Photo: Indrek Galetin (EBU)