Pastora Soler is a real darling of Team Wiwi. ‘Quedaté Conmigo’ proved a highlight of 2012, and the beautiful ballad recently made our list of greatest ESC Injustices of recent years. She might be busy on her new single and album campaign, sunning herself in Tenerife and dominating the Spanish Charts, but don’t take Pastora for one of those Eurovision stars who doesn’t take time out for her fans. Team Wiwi is admittedly a bit late on the uptake, but you can’t deny what a lovely lady she is duetting with young David Parejo on Spanish Kids TV Show Menuda Noche at the Special Gala Unicef in November of 2012. She also sings the whole song instead of a snippet. She’s a real sweetie to young David, but he gives as good as he gets, delivering an amazing vocal and leaving me wondering why Spain haven’t considered sending him to the Junior Contest this year in Ukraine.

Photo: Warner Music Spain

Angus Quinn contributed this report from the U.K. You can follow him on Twitter at @Angus_Quinn17. Then like our Facebook page to keep up-to-date with all the latest news and gossip.

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8 years ago

La decicion de rtve de retirarse de concurso infantil,es por que creen que no trasmite valores adecuados al publico infantil como por ejemplo la competitividad a tan corta edad.Nunca se hablo de explotacion infantil,y eso que en los tres años que participo logro un primer puesto y dos segundos.yo pienso igual los niños al cole y a eventos deportivos.

Padraig Muldoon
Padraig Muldoon(@padraigjude)
8 years ago

Originally I wasn’t particularly pushed about Pastora and couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. However, gradually she’s been winning me over and I think with this performance she has finally done it, she’s made me into a fan.

8 years ago

Wow! Double Wow!

8 years ago

The big problem is that Spain doesn’t take part in JESC. The year they withdrew they said something about it being child exploitation or something like that. Of course, while they have their own programs with children, but let’s not split hairs.

8 years ago

o my god, he just nails that note at middle to end!! Wow!

8 years ago

I’m actually thinking of starting a petition to send David to JESC this year.