The Danes are clearly proud of their Emmelie. So much so that they are launching an exhibition in their national museum dedicated to her! Emmelie may have only won Eurovision in May 2013 and released one album since then, but the Danish museum still thinks “Foresters” will flock to an exhibition about her, rather than see her in concert. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 artifacts we’d love to see in the Exhibition De Forest. If she has a museum exhibition at 20, she’ll surely have a statue in 100 years time!

10. CDs
A little shelf filler at the exhibition are copies of Emmelie’s debut and only album “Only Teardrops” and the Eurovision 2013 official soundtrack. Although these aren’t worth any more than €20 to most of us, and won’t be visit worthy for well over 100 years, it’s nice to see the Danes are proud enough of Emmelie’s work to put it on display. It’s a piece of merchandise that we can all take home, and is the reason why we all fell in love with Emmelie in the first place!

9. Passes
We thought only the security guards at Eurovision, Eurovision in Concert and the London Eurovision Party would interested in seeing Emmelie’s ID passes. Nevertheless, the museum is displaying them anyway. These passes are the ones that were around Emmelie’s neck at all the events leading up to Eurovision and at Eurovision itself. We still don’t understand why she needed an ID pass in the first place. Wasn’t it obvious by her face that it was definitely her?!

8. Confetti
One thing that the museum hasn’t displayed is the confetti that fell during Emmelie’s performance at Eurovision and the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. There was as much confetti as there are copies of Emmelie’s album so we really don’t see why finding some of that famous confetti would be difficult. It was like the producers were already celebrating her victory by including that in her performance. Maybe they should have confetti constantly falling at the exhibition. THAT would be fun!

7. National Finals Trophy
If it wasn’t for winning the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in January 2013, Emmelie De Forest wouldn’t have even attended Eurovision. It’s nice to see that her National Final trophy is on display at the museum as well as her more famous Eurovision trophy. Although most Europeans wouldn’t be interested in seeing the National Final trophy, it will be nice for the Danes to see the trophy and feel smug about the fact that their decision to vote Emmelie as their winner lead to a Eurovision victory. What could be better for the Danish people than a chance to be smug about Denmark?

6. Black Bracelet on Arm
Whenever Emmelie performed “Only Teardrops”, she was always seen wearing that black bracelet on her bicep. We thought, judging by the lack of bracelets on her wrist, that it was a travel sickness band. It makes sense; the long journey across the bridge from Denmark to Sweden made her sick, and she’d forgotten to take it off when she performed. As the bracelet is now on display in Copenhagen, we’ll be able to find out for certain, bracelet or travel sickness band?

5. Flute
At the Eurovision final, cheers erupted from the stadium when we heard the famous flute marking the start of Emmelie’s song “Only Teardrops”. Everyone could tell Emmelie was a winner as soon as the flute began to play those first few notes. It seems only right that the flute would be included in the exhibition dedicated to her Eurovision victory. Who knew it was red and had Emmelie’s name on? We certainly didn’t. It’s those sort of things you don’t notice on TV and will only discover when visiting the exhibition!

4. Wax Figure of Flutist
Many would argue that the flutist who performed with Emmelie stole the show at Eurovision and the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. We were surprised and a tad disappointed that nothing representing the backing musicians have been displayed at the museum. Was a timpani drum in the corner or a navy jacket next to Emmelie’s dress really too much to ask? We’d be very impressed if they went as far as making a wax figure of the flutist in homage to his fantastic performace at Eurovision. It wouldn’t be too difficult to get the face looking accurate. His expression never changed during the whole song!

3. The “Bohemian Cream Gown”
The dress that Emmelie wore at the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and Eurovision is of course on display at the museum. They have described it as “the Bohmenian cream gown” which sounds a lot more sophisticated than the way we refer to it, as “another white dress”. The dress is taking pride of place at the centre of the exhibition where European people will surely recognise it from a mile away. All of those interested in Eurovision fashion will be able to have a closer look at this famous dress and see whether they can find any gold confetti caught in the skirt, or god forbid, any dirt from sitting for to long on the staduim stage that we can only assume was clean!

2. Eurovision Trophy
The one and only Eurovision trophy which was awarded to Emmelie in Malmö is now standing in a glass box in Copenhagen at the exhibition. This is probably the most valuable item on display and the one thatshows the result of all of Emmelie’s hard work leading up to the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and Eurovision. We imagine the trophy will be the item that the most tourists will flock to see, whether they call themsleves “Foresters” or not. How nice of Emmelie to donate her well earned trophy to the National Museum! Even if it is for an exhibition about her…

1. Plaster Cast of Her Feet
If anything is more famous than Emmelie herself, it’s Emmelie’s feet. Her love of performing in bare feet is certainly her best gimmick, and it’s great to know the museum has recognised that in their exhibition dedicated to her. No, they haven’t chopped off her feet and put them on display. What they have done is created a plaster cast of her feet and dispayed it at the exhibition. The cast was created at the exhibition launch and shows us the most famous feet to grace the stage of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix and Eurovision!

Katie Wilson contributed this story from the U.K. Follow her on Twitter at @katiewillfly and like our Facebook page to keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.

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9 years ago

That black armband was a friendship bracelet given to her by one of her friends.