After finishing in a very unfortunate last place in Baku, we feared we’d never see the return of the fabulous Norwegian, Tooji. But despite his disappointing finish, and waiting over a year before releasing any new music, Tooji has returned to the microphone with his new single “Rebels”.

He may have a dramatic new haircut, but his musical style certainly hasn’t changed. The new single is still a pop-dance song, with “lots of organic elements blended with disco”. Rebels will be released on September 20th, but an official preview has been premiered here along with a quick interview with Tooji.

When talking about the song, Tooji says “Every day is a struggle between following my heart or let fear take over who I am as a person. We all should be rebels and pull ourselves out of our comfort zone more often.” Wise words Tooji… Wise words indeed.

Although we haven’t heard new music from the Norwegian singer until now, Tooji has remained firmly in the Eurovision limelight as he announced Norway’s votes at the 2013 Eurovision final, hosted the 2013 Melodi Grand Prix and the 2013 Melodi Grand Prix Jr in Norway last week. Oh well, at least he has something to fall back on if the singing career doesn’t work out!

Katie Wilson contributed this story from the U.K. Follow her on Twitter at @katiewillfly and like our Facebook page to keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.

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10 years ago

I like Tooji. He has a better voice (and style) than many so called singers out there. Just needs a good manager and a cool producer. 🙂

Angus Quinn
10 years ago

We have heard new music from him…it was just a bit tamer than Stay…