As you all know, Jade Ewen tried her luck on the UK’s Eurovision national selection show, Your Country Needs You, in 2009. She made it all the way to the final two, and was eventually picked by the British public to represent the UK. With the help of Andrew Lloyd Webber, who composed the UK entry “It’s My Time”, she headed off to Moscow. Jade’s 5th place achievement was the country’s best result since 2002, following a dismal run of Eurovision misery.

So, what if all this didn’t happen? Well, Jade has revealed in an interview with Digital Spy that she considered doing the UK version of X Factor if she didn’t take her Eurovision opportunity.

“I’d be lying if I said that me doing Eurovision wasn’t with that in mind. After X Factor all the record label executives were like, ‘The music industry has changed and you need a platform’. I wasn’t sure if X Factor was the right way of doing it for me personally.”

After her Eurovision experience in Moscow, Jade went on to join the Sugababes later that year.

“I was just trying to survive. I went from Eurovision to being told I had a solo deal to being told, ‘You might be dropped’. I’d already had three deals before that and been dropped and it’s heartbreaking. I basically thought, ‘Alright, I’m going to go for it, see where it takes me’.”

Jade Ewen has also made a shock confession, and admitted that the Sugababes split up 2 years ago. No wonder she had time to compete on Splash! But, unlike Denmark’s Eurovision star Tim Schou, she didn’t win.

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Photo: Jade Ewen