Back in 2011, Anna Rossinelli participated in The Eurovision Song Contest with the song “In Love For A While”, making it to the finals on the back on the jury votes. Although, the band finished last, it was a positive result for Switzerland, as it’s one of the few countries that rarely advance into the Saturday show.

Now Switzerland has something else to celebrate. Anna Rossinelli are back with a new album called “Marylou”. I say ‘they’ because Anna Rossinelli is actually a band comprising the Basel trio of Anna Rossinelli (vocals), Manuel Meisel (guitar), and Georg Dillier (bass).

“Marylou” is entirely self composed and arranged. This has made the band more authentic than ever, with a smoother sound with just a hint of roughness. Without denying their gypsy roots they have made great progress in developing and maturing their style; easy listening yet equally danceable. Standout tracks include So Damn Pretty, Vagabonds, Go Go and Let It Go.

For the new album, Dieter Meier, the voice of the electropop duo Yello, joins in for the blues duet “Burn This City Down” – a song that resonates Brigitte Bardot and Serge Gainsbourg. When Anna sings solo, she grips you with her easy listening people.

“Marylou” is a good album. It doesn’t try too hard, and its classic sound remains faithful to the band’s busking roots. This is an album that will warm the hearts of old and new fans alike.

Rating: 3.5/5

Deban Aderemi contributed this report from London. Follow him on Twitter @debanaderemi. Then follow Team Wiwi on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page.

Photo: Anna Rossinelli

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10 years ago

Thank you for saying “a new album” and not “a brand new album”:)

Padraig Muldoon
10 years ago

Aagh so annoyed this isn’t available on Spotify in Ireland 😡 ! I’ll have to make do with playing So Damn Pretty and Let it Go on loop on Youtube