It’s been months since the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest, but the team at are still devastated that Moran Mazor didn’t make this year’s final. It was just unfair. Her powerful voice, her diva-like presence, and above all her warmth and kindness made her a deserving competitor. Why else would Moran win Miss Congeniality as part of the prestigious Valentina Monetta Awards (VMAs) 2013? Now a new documentary of her Eurovision journey will make you love her even more!

The Israeli national broadcaster (IBA) and director Miri Perlman followed Moran, who is now a sultry blonde, during two intense weeks in Malmö. Their film gives us an exclusive look behind the scenes, exploring the intimate story of a young girl trying to make her dream come true on the Eurovision stage. It comes doused in glam, y’all.

We get to know the introverted Moran as she prepares for the contest and copes with traumas along the way—from her hair crisis to not qualifying for the final. At times she shatters into pieces but always manages to put herself back together. Despite all the drama, she still manages to dazzle.

This documentary captures the emotional price of representing an entire country at the Eurovision Song Contest. It’s anything but pure fun. Instead the experience is a heady cocktail of joy, pain, anxiety and disappointment. Depending on how contestants cope with it all, they can end up with a very bad hangover.

Surprisingly, the documentary is called “A Girl with Glasses” and you can watch it here.

During the documentary we also get to know the rest of Israel’s colourful delegation, including a funny stylist and Moran’s lovely family. Eurovision stars including Margaret Berger, Carola and Emmelie de Forest also make cameos. Since most of our readers don’t know Hebrew, we’ll sum up the highlights of the documentary for you below.

Before you begin to watch, please make sure you have at least one box of tissues next to you. It’s not gonna be easy…

Moran Mazor a girl with glasses 1

00:00:50 – After we get to know the Israeli delegation, we meet the real soul behind Moran, her cute mama. Moran is only 22 years old and she’s mommy’s little girl. Mom is in charged of packing her luggage for the Eurovision trip and she’s very thorough. And no: they do not cram her hip-hugging mermaid dress into that bag!

Moran Mazor a girl with glasses 2

00:17:20 – Moran’s “Poker face” changes into tears while discussing her hair for the show. She doesn’t feel comfortable with her hair extensions and feels that no one cares about her opinion. She feels like she is being treated like a puppet.

Moran Mazor

00:29:00 – Everyone in the delegation is full of optimism. Israel got good feedback from delegations and from the Swedish Eurovision producers, and everyone is convinced that Israel will qualify for the final. Some people even say that Israel will crack the Top 5.

Moran Mazor a girl with glasses 4

00:35:20 – The nerve wracking moments of waiting for the results of the second semi final.

00:37:00 – The delegation is almost jumping from their seats when host Petra Meade says “Is..” (but unfortunately instead of “Israel” she says: “…Is Finland”.

Moran Mazor a girl with glasses 5

00:38:10 – Moran realizes that she didn’t make the final. She bursts into tears and thankfully mom is there to hug her and support her through the pain.

Her backing vocalist, Avia Shoshani, describes the situation: “She was a real diva, with fire coming out of her eyes, it’s like a feeling like they shelved it away, like really took it from her.”

Moran Mazor a girl with glasses 6

00:41:20 – Happy Birthday! (with tears, of course…?)

Moran Mazor a girl with glasses 8

00:45:30 – Eurovision contestants share their feelings about Moran and the Israeli song. Winner Emmelie de Forest compliments the song and Carola makes a guest appearance.

Moran Mazor a girl with glasses 9

00:46:50 – Moran continues to celebrate her birthday with her delegation in the hotel room, watching the final of Eurovision Song Contest 2013.

Her backing vocalists really feels disappointed about not being there. Moran is really impressed by the Moldovian singer and says that she’s the best singer in this contest, after her 😉

Moran Mazor a girl with glasses 10


00:49:05 – Another emotional moment, but this time not from reality…what would have happen if Israel had won the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest?

Moran Mazor a girl with glasses 11

00:50:45 – The winner, Emmelie de Forest, sums up our feelings by saying: “Anything can happen in Eurovision, I mean… even great songs sometimes don’t get to the final, but that’s the exciting part of Eurovision. You never know what happens.”

What more can we say…?

We love you Moran and hope to see you at Eurovision again soon!

Ron K contributed this report from Israel. You can keep up-to-date on the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page.

Photo at top: (EBU); all others courtesy of IBA

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8 years ago

Eric, I’m in Canada and it works for me, just letting you know that there shouldn’t be a country restriction issue.

8 years ago

Eric- you need flash player to watch it. did you try from a pc?
use explorer and make sure you have flash player installed.

Eric S.
8 years ago

I’d love to watch it but the video doesn’t seem to work from Canada. I’ll cry myself to sleep now.

8 years ago


8 years ago

That’s cool.. thanks for the recap. Wonder if the documentary about the preparations for Denmark will be similar? She is really emotional! But she shouldn’t worry. Her dreams aren’t dashed just cause she didn’t make the final. 🙂 She has a spectacular voice!