Do y’all smell some fish in Chisinau?

On October 20, Rafael Bobeica won Moldova’s national selection for Junior Eurovision 2013. But you probably knew that a few weeks earlier. As our friends at reported in early October, composer Eugen Doibani revealed in an interview that Rafael had already been selected internally to represent Moldova at JESC.  TRM, Moldova’s state broadcaster, refuted the story and, a few days later, it called for last-minute song submissions. By the time the national final rolled around five acts had received a callback, including Rafael. Voting was 100% jury and the contest wasn’t aired on television, but via web stream. Um, we know that Moldova has the funds to transmit this on TV, y’all!! Did you see Aliona Moon’s buh-jillion dollar dress in Malmö?

The winner of the show was young Rafael with the song “Cum sa fim” (How to Be).

This dude can sing, but we’re not sure how his song will stack up against more lively numbers from Ukraine, Russia, and Armenia, to name a few. But we wish him all the luck in the world! It’s not his fault his composer has the biggest mouth in Moldova.

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