If you like seeing a Eurovision star emulate another Eurovision star, then you’re going to love this. Two months ago we reported that Sara Jovanovic, one-third of the Eurovision group Moje 3, would compete on the Serbian TV series “Your Face Sounds Familiar”. Unfortuantely we missed the first two episodes. The team from wiwibloggs.com apologize and promise it will not happen again: We now have our satellite dish pointed at Belgrade!

Anyway, during our absence, Sara has already portrayed her idol Rihanna, earning an impressive 29 points in the first episode. In the second episode she portrayed regional rock star Oliver Mandic and took a bit of a dive, earning 21 points. It’s tough for this beauty to portray a dude. She is all woman, y’all!

This Saturday she went all manly again and hopped into Milan Stankovic’s skin. She performed in a white dress, which reminds us of what Milan wore in 2010 when he sang his Eurovision entry “Ovo je Balkan”. She even re-created his staging from Oslo. Girl was awarded 27 points and got lots of compliments from the judges. She so deserved it.

Serbian broadcasters are being a bit stingy with the rights to show clips from the show. But you can find her performance by clicking on this link and then scrolling down until TLZP 3.epizoda 8.deo ( TLZP 3rd episode part 8 ).

At 5:15 her bra strap went all nasty and fell off her shoulder. That’s what tends to happen to Milan too, y’all. He is ALWAYS shirtless (and braless)!

Next Saturday Sara will be imitating Britney Spears. Who knows what would she will come up with! Let’s hope she will be as grrr sexy as Britney in her new music video for “Work Bitch”.

What do you think? Can Sara win the show? Have you learned Milan’s silly choreography by now?

Mario Saucedo contributed this report from Croatia. Follow the team from WiwiBloggs.com on Twitter @wiwibloggs. And while you’re at it, like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.

Source: Blic

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x factor srbija
7 years ago

Shes beautifull

7 years ago

I forgot about that. Thanks for reminding me.
And thanks to Prva channel for putting the podcast online. Here is Sara’s performance:

7 years ago

Me alegra que un concepto de espectaculo español antena 3 tv,se exporte a otros paises de europa,eso me agrada,el problema de españa en esc es la politica de RTVE y no del talento musical de este pais.