Team Wiwi love it when our favourite Eurovision stars promote a good cause, whether it be cancer prevention or LGBT rights. And all the better when they do so through song.

On the Eurovision stage Kati Wolf successfully portrayed a self centred diva, only concerned about her own dreams. But thankfully in real life she cares about y’all too, as she recently took part in the “Red for Women” campaign to promote healthy hearts amongst women. And even though she’s been really busy with her single “Hivjuk Elo” and its promo video, she’s managed to find the time to team up with Gigi Radics and Szonja Oroszlán to record “A Szív Dala” or “The Song of the Heart”.

Underneath the video on Youtube, there is a statement which loosely translates as:

More women than men are killed due to cardiovascular diseases, yet very few people know just how fragile the female heart is. By changing our lifestyles  and nutritional habits in small increments, these problems can be prevented. This [song] draws attention to the Red for Women campaign, which we are also connected with and, therefore, is made in partnership with the heart.

Clearly the intentions are well meaning, but is the track itself any good? Personally, I think they may have taken the campaign message a bit too literally. Sure there are some nice melodies and excellent vocal acrobatics but nothing about the song makes your heart beat faster. The video throws in a wind machine and lots of sparkle but still my heart beats as normal. Maybe the ladies think our hearts are just too fragile? Would a little excitement or passion give us palpitations?

Now I don’t want to seem overly harsh, after all it’s for a good cause, but even though the 4 minutes are enjoyable, everything is a little forgettable. Try and remember anything 10 minutes later and you’ll struggle to even hum along. And no, its not due to the language barrier. Svetlana Loboda’s “Under the Ice [Remake]” was lodged in my head for days and I didn’t understand a single word.

Despite my best efforts “A Szív Dala” seems like a pleasant dream, possibly something to do with cereal (is it just me or do the 3 ladies not remind you of models out of an advert for Kellogg’s Special K? Ironic really since Flora sponsor the campaign). But what do y’all think? Did the Wolf cause your heart to skip a beat?

Padraig Jude contributed this report from Ireland. Follow him on Twitter at @PadraigJude. And while you’re at it, like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.

Photo: Pirosban a Nokért (Red for Women)