Mama Mia“! Could it be true? After over 30 years apart are ABBA about to set their differences aside and reunite?

It certainly looks like a real possibility that the foursome could be back together in time for the 40th anniversary of their Eurovision victory, following an interview Agnetha Faltskog gave over the weekend. Speaking to the German newspaper “Welt Am Sonntag” she said:

Of course it [an ABBA reunion] is something we’re thinking about. There seem to be plans to do something to mark this anniversary in some way. I can’t say at this point what will come of them.

But don’t go all “Dancing Queen” just yet. Nothing has been made official, and there is also a strong possibility that Agnetha is teasing us. Only a couple of months ago Attitude Magazine asked her if she would ever go back on stage with ABBA and she gave a very different answer:

Oh I wish I could say, ‘Yeeeaaahhh!’ But no. I don’t think it will happen. We live our separate lives now and there’s no need for it. There are wishes that we will do it, but no need. We have already done so much together, so I don’t think it will happen

Then there is the issue of the other band members. Just because Agnetha is suddenly keen on a reunion doesn’t mean the rest of them are. In 2008 Benny and Bjorn swore that the band would never reunite. And they certainly don’t need the “Money, Money, Money“, having supposedly turned down a $1billion offer to get back together in 2000. But then again, maybe they would like the opportunity to say “Thank You for the Music“.

What do y’all think? Are you afraid that a comeback would result in their “Waterloo“? Or do you want them to “Take a Chance” and reform? I know “I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do“.

Photo: BBC

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8 years ago

Hopefully NOT! As an ABBA fan I don’t want them to get together to fullfil a pityfull desire of so many of us to see them together again for no reason. The past cannot be recreated and ABBA’s unique path is a story that has an essence of its own that stands the test of time and cannot be damaged by who they are now as 4 individuals. It would never be the same and it will never the same. If people genuinely love ABBA they will leave ABBA’s music go on … but also leave each one of them… Read more »

8 years ago

I have no idea how it’s gonna work…

8 years ago

It’s just a matter of wishful thinking at this stage. They might physically reunite, but I’d be very surprised – albeit thrilled! – if they sang anything together.

8 years ago

I think she said in a recent interview with BBC that they might reunite just to hang out together and sing the songs privately. I wouldn’t expect that they’d actually perform for a public audience ever again.