Back in September, Eurovision winner Marija Serifovic revealed that she had a confession to make, and that she’d do so by releasing an album, a book and a documentary.

“The time has come to share all the important things that happened to me with my fans,” she told Kurir newspaper. “The point of all this is for people to understand who Marija is. There will be a lot of things. I am not a shocking person, but someone who tells the truth, and who will be touched by it, we will see.”

Marija is good at playing the part of tease because she is making us wait, y’all. On November 5 she uploaded the following trailer to her web site. “Istana” means “Truth” in Serbian. But we won’t know the full contents of her documentary, album, or book until the end of November.

But Kurir has already offered us a small glimpse. They claim that her book will detail her parents difficult marriage and her father, “who soured her childhood because of susceptibility to alcohol, gambling, cheating and violence.”

It does not appear that the book, album and documentary will focus solely on her pain. In addition to the “Truth” trailer, she has subsequently uploaded trailers featuring the words Energy, Faith, Forgiveness, Victory, and Salvation. Perhaps forgiveness had led her to renewed faith and energy? That sounds like a happy ending, y’all.

There are also rumours the book will discuss her sexual orientation and her search for love. We need to get us some of that.

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7 years ago

“I had a difficult childhood.”
“Then I got over it.”
“Oh, and I dig chicks.”