Forget the bookies and the blogs. If you want to know who will win Eurovision, then consult viewers in Slovakia, Montenegro and Hungary.

I recently watched every Eurovision voting segment from 2000 until 2013 and tallied the points that each country awarded the eventual winner. I watched the Israelis give 12 points to the Olsen Brothers in 2000. And I saw the French give Emmelie de Forest douze points in 2013.

In the table below you can see the average points that each country gave to the winner. The countries that are not in bold have withdrawn from Eurovision. The others are still competing.

Slovakia—land of the TWiiNS—tops the table. They have given the winner an average of 10.25 points. The only year they got it really wrong was in 2011. They didn’t give Azerbaijan’s Ell & Nikki any love. Montenegro, Hungary, Germany and Sweden round out the Top 5. Each averaged more than 9 points for the winner. On the opposite end of the chart we have Monaco, San Marino, Italy and Armenia. Italy gave Emmelie de Forest 12 points in 2013. But it snubbed both Loreen and Ell & Nikki in 2012 and 2011. Mamma Mia!

In summary, you want to hear 8, 10, or 12 points called out by Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland, Israel, Lithuania, Montenegro, Netherland, Norway, Serbia, Slovenia or Sweden. They have a habit of awarding the winner. If Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal or San Marino snub you, don’t worry. This is actually a good sign!

You can check out the average points chart below, followed by a complete voting chart from 2000 to 2013.


Contestant (NL): Points: Contestant (GB):
Slowakije 10,25 Slovakia
Montenegro 9,40 Montenegro
Hongarije 9,38 Hungary
Duitsland 9,31 Germany
Zweden 8,77 Sweden
Oostenrijk 8,56 Austria
Nederland 8,54 Netherlands
België 8,46 Belgium
Finland 8,45 Finland
Litouwen 8,42 Lithuania
Servië 8,33 Serbia
Estland 8,31 Estonia
Slovenië 8,31 Slovenia
Noorwegen 8,25 Norway
Israël 8,14 Israel
IJsland 8,08 Iceland
Polen 8,00 Poland
Rusland 7,92 Russia
Letland 7,92 Latvia
Spanje 7,79 Spain
Ver. Koninkrijk 7,57 United Kingdom
Bosnië en H. 7,50 Bosnia and H.
Malta 7,43 Malta
Griekenland 7,42 Greece
Frankrijk 7,21 France
Turkije 7,17 Turkey
Cyprus 7,00 Cyprus
Ierland 6,92 Ireland
Denemarken 6,91 Denmark
Kroatië 6,86 Croatia
Macedonië 6,67 Macedonia
Oekraïne 6,50 Ukraine
Andorra 6,50 Andorra
Zwitserland 6,33 Switzerland
Roemenië 6,23 Romania
Moldavië 6,22 Moldova
Georgië 6,17 Georgia
Wit-Rusland 6,10 Belarus
Tsjechië 6,00 Czech Republic
Azerbeidzjan 5,80 Azerbaijan
Albanië 5,50 Albania
Portugal 5,00 Portugal
Bulgarije 4,89 Bulgaria
Armenië 4,43 Armenia
Italië 4,00 Italy
San Marino 3,25 San Marino
Monaco 2,00 Monaco


Eurovision scores 2000 to 2013

Mike Bos contributed this report from the Netherlands. You can keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team from on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page.

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8 years ago

Actually, I also think this is not a good statistics .. bceause our country (Slovakia) was participating in ESC too few years to be invoked into the chart … and only one year we had a good representance wich was Kristína – Horehronie :))

Angus Quinn
Angus Quinn
9 years ago

Great piece 🙂 small point though, didn’t Lena win in 2010 not 2011?!

9 years ago

Ah, when statistics and Eurovision clash. A wet dream for an epidemiologist like me! On one hand, I want to roll my eyes at Julian’s point, but on the other hand, he is 100% right in my opinion! It’s a good catch! But nevertheless something we can keep an eye on in the upcoming years!

9 years ago

The average points of 2 of the 3 top countries – Montenegro and Slovakia – and of all bottom 4 – Italy, Monaco, San Marino, Armenia – are not actually statistically meaningful because they participated too few years to make of those averages a reliable trend.

9 years ago

Well you still read it, Dhani. Thank you for this, Mike!!

9 years ago

the one who made this was really bored

9 years ago

great article. i’ll pay extra attention to how slovakia vote this year.

9 years ago

That’s freaking crazy & really cool. Great effort. Looking forward to seeing if this trend will continue now! :O & what we might expect in the next voting.

9 years ago

What a great little article. Lots of effort – good job!

Not surprised to see the countries down at the bottom – they’re the ones who usually favour voting for their neighbours!

9 years ago

Thanks guys for posting this. Actually my last name is Bos, but maybe in English Boss is better 😀