Oh my! Well I certainly wasn’t expecting this from everyone’s second favourite set of Eurovision twins. And before you ask, no, they haven’t had a fling with Flo Rida. Rather the “One Night Stand” refers to the title of the new collaboration between the girls and the US rapper. Aww, and just when y’all thought I had some juicy celeb gossip to share – soz. But don’t worry you haven’t clicked into this post in vain, there’s still plenty to be scandalised by.

Gone are the earnest “butter wouldn’t melt in their mouth” sisters, who sang “I’m Still Alive” back in Germany. In their place we have a terrible twosome who’d cause even Miley Cyrus to blush. Set to an Avicii-esque backing track, with flavourings of dubstep, the TWiiNs seek, nay demand a one night stand – with YOU!!!

If there’s one thing we can take from this, it is that subtlety is not the sisters’ forte. Do you think they could be bothered with innuendo? Pah, why waste time coming up with a clever double entendre when you could be “taking down my dress, without leaving my address”. And Mr. Rida is no better “I wanna make you moan, I’ll beat the floor
so sexual”. Lovely.

Inspite of it’s crude lyrics it’s hard not to hum along. But is this a classic? Nope. It may be catchy but this is pure unadulterated disposable pop. And as with one night stands, you’ll soon find yourself skulking back to something more substantial.

What do y’all think?

TWiiNS are just the latest Eurovision act to team up with a global pop superstar. A Friend in London have worked with Carly Rae Jepsen, Agnetha Faltskog performed with Gary Barlow last month, while Lorde has cited Blue as a childhood inspiration.

“One Night Stand” Lyrics

I need an one night stand, gotta have it tonight
We can still be friends if the sex was right
We won’t get no sleep, fall in love at first sight
All I need is you and a one night stand tonight

Flo Rida! TWiiNS! Yeah, we make em dance tonight

A house and a garden, with a pool and a dog
Don’t want a regular life, with a regular job
Don’t need a ring on my finger, I’m a saint, I’m a sinner
I just want a little bit of that, sex drugs, rock n roll
Bang that door, I’m here to rock the party
Get your ass up on the floor, so we can get it started
But we’re fed up with the same old, we can move like lightning on ya
Grab your dancer, if you’re my part time lover

[Chorus] Whoa-oooo, one night stand tonight [x3] Tonight, tonight

I feel the love in the air tonight
Dance floor full of flashing lights
How you feel about a bottle of silver
You look like you live a platinum life
Baby turn around and get show that
Booth frame girl, is your name Kodak?
Cause it’s plain to see that you know that
My train ain’t gonna leave till you on that
Hey girl I got you, just put your back on me
I’ll make it rain in here if you want me to
Cause I love how you rock that body
Out of control, don’t stop the show
I wanna make you moan, I’ll beat the floor
So sexual, out on the floor
All x and o’s baby let me know, that you wanna

[Chorus] Whoa-oooo, one night stand tonight [x3] Tonight, tonight

Got an angel on my shoulder, and the devil in my hair
We can be together baby, drag you right into my bed
Guess that only heaven knows if we’re ever meant to last
For tonight you’re just perfect, we’re gonna have a blast
Yes I guess I must confess, got me looking for an ONS
Taking down my dress, without leaving my address
And we’re one for the money, two for the drive baby,
Let’s come together, in this this this….

Flo Rida! TWiiNS!

[Chorus] Whoa-oooo, one night stand tonight [x3] Tonight, tonight

Padraig Jude contributed this report from Ireland. Follow him on Twitter at @PadraigJude. And while you’re at it, like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.

Photo: TWiinS Official Facebook

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10 years ago

Song is catchy and clearly crafted along the ‘sex sells’-message.
Too bad we get another ‘666’-reference flash on 2:49 of the ‘One Night Stand’ official video. This is not necessary, nor instrumental.

10 years ago

Geez, all the negativity. I thought this one was fun. Then again, I do quite enjoy Flo Rida… It was pretty good for my exercise routine the other day.

10 years ago

Another weak attempt at making cheap music through the religious belief that “sex sells” … but only fools buy this!

10 years ago

Yikes, looks like Flo Rida was just bored.

10 years ago

Second favourite set of Eurovision twins? I rather take TWiiNS over Jedward anyday

10 years ago

I was hoping for something special….this is pretty poor. Musically great, lyrically……well it turns into a criminal record.