Summer is long gone, we’ve pulled out our winter coats and we’re still freezing. In an effort to turn up the heat we’re turning back time to October and listening to Echo, a recent single from French songstress Lylloo. It features France’s 2010 Eurovision contestant Jessy Matador—he of  “Allez, Ola, Olé” fame—swishing his hips and throwing down some major beats.

As you’d expect on any Matador collaboration, “Echo” is high-energy and crosses plenty of cultures. French lyrics mingle with Spanish lyrics (notably fuego and discoteca), and the backing is tinged with a bit of zouk and reggae. Among all that rhythm there is one beat that stands out: the oh-oh-oh of love making. As Lylloo says, “You and I are like an echo…oh..oh…oh…” That’s hot, y’all.

What do you think? Is this giving you thoughts of summer? Are you moving? Or are you not feeling it?

Official video:

Echo lyrics video:

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8 years ago

I love that tune. Thanks for the reminder of warm summer!! I want it back :’D