Hungary’s Kati Wolf: This lady can sing. But can she move?

Hungarian broadcaster MTVA has announced the the participants for A Dal 2014, the Hungarian national final. A total of 435 entries were received and, with the help of a 10 member professional jury, MTVA has chosen the 30 lucky entries listed below.

Eurovision fans will recognise several of the contestants, including the amusingly named Fool Moon. They served as backing vocalists for 2008 representative Csézy. Looks like they are ready to take centre stage. Gergo Ráczone of the members from Fool Moon, was also a member of boyband V.I.P which represented the country in 1997.

A Dal 2014 kicks off with the first heat on 25 January. The second heat follows on 1 February and the third heat on 8 February. The two semi-finals will take place on 15 and 16 February, with the final on 22 February.

The Participants

András Kállay Saunders with “Running”

Bálint Gájer with “Elmaradt pillanatok”

Belmondo with “Miért ne higgyem”

Bogi with “We All”

Dénes Pál with “Brave New World”

Depresszió with “Csak a zene”

Extensive with “Help Me”

Fool Moon with “It Can’t Be Over”

Gabi Knoll with “Sweet Memories”

Gigi Radics with “Catch Me”

Group n Swing with “Retikül”

Heni Dér with “Ég veled (Next Please)”

Hien with “The Way I Do”

HoneyBeast with “A legnagyobb h?s”

Ibolya Oláh with “Egy percig sztár”

Joni with “Waterfall”

Laura Cserpes with “Úgy szállj”

Leslie Szabó with “Hogy segíthetnék”

Lil C with “Break Up”

Lilla Polyák with “Karcolás”

Linda Király with “Everything”

Music Fabrik with “This Is My Life”

Mystery Gang with “Játssz még jazzgitár”

New Level Empire with “The Last One”

Noémi Takács with “Minden mosoly”

Saci Szécsi & Böbe Szécsi with “Born To Fly”

Tamás Vastag with “Miss One Smile”

To Beat or Not to Beat with “Camon Babe (Meg akarom mondani)”

Viktor Király with “Running Out Of Time”

Zsuzsanna Batta – Marge with “Morning Light”

Anthony Ko contributed this report from the U.K. Follow him on Twitter at @bjorneo. You can also keep up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by liking our Facebook page.

Photo: (EBU)

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Ahh, ok looks like Kállay took a different approach and went for a more serious song. Sounds good when it picks up though.


why does most eurovision fans almost only like girl songs???


Can’t wait for A Dal to start up!!!!!! I actually really like Kállay Saunders’s songs 😀 They’re cheery & he does dance music too.


Haha, I still think Kedvesem (Zoohacker Remix) was quite a good song. The final performance was good too (but their semifinal performance was awful). Nice to see Gigi Radics back too.

They will have to do a lot to top their 10th place finishing, though. Either that or strike just the right chord with the voters like they did this year.


So happy Gigi Radics decided to come back to Eurovision. I loved “Kedvesem” but “Úgy fáj” was so much better in my opinion, I was shocked it didn’t win OGAE 2013. I hope her song is amazing, and I’m sure it will be, she definitely deserves the win. I do wish her song would be in Hungarian, though.


I’m a little disappointed… I thought that Helga Wéber would participate for A Dal 2014. She is such a talented girl and has an incredible voice. With a good song She may win Eurovision for Hungary… Well, maybe in 2015. 🙁


Well, they don’t have to do much to do to top their previous effort. Not meaning result-wise, but more about the song.

May the best win, Hungary!