SVT has just announced the Melodifestivalen 2014 running order for the semi-finals. Producers are hoping to draw viewers in early. Yohio, the winner of last year’s public vote, will open the first semi-final with a song called “To the end.” Another veteran, Anton Ewald, will close out the fourth semi-final with a number called “Natural”. (That is amusing given the copious amounts of make-up he wears in his Instagram photosMaybe it’s Maybeline….)

The running order can make a big difference on the final outcome. As Aftonbladet points out, the acts performing last in the semis—Helena Paparizou , Martin Stenmarck , Dr Alban & Jessica Folcker and Anton Ewald—have the best shot at making the final. Performers competing eighth across all semi-finals have made the final 26 times since 2002. And the artist performing in the last position of the fourth semi-final has taken the title on three occasions. Looks like someone at SVT is looking after young Anton…

Melodiefestivalen’s executive producer Christer Björkman is very clear hat he wanted to have Yohio and Anton—last year’s breakout stars—bookend the shows. “They were 2013’s breakthroughs, and should open and close the contest, it becomes a way to frame it,” he told Aftonbladet. “Yohio also has a very young audience and you want to bring in the young viewers from the very beginning.”

Producers have placed State of Drama, who also made the final last year, fifth in the third semi. Read into that what you will…

Running Order

Deltävling 1 in Malmö (Feburary 1)

  1. To the end – Yohio
  2. Aleo – Mahan Moin
  3. Bröder – Linus Svenning
  4. Casanova – Elisa Lindström
  5. Bedroom – Alvaro Estrella
  6. Songbird – Ellen Benediktson
  7. Bygdens son – Sylvester Schlegel
  8. Survivor – Helena Paparizou (who is getting married y’all!)

Deltävling 2 in Linköping (February 8)

  1. Love trigger – JEM
  2. Hallelujah – The Refreshments
  3. Glow – Manda
  4. Efter solsken – Panetoz
  5. I am somebody – Pink Pistols
  6. Undo – Sanna Nielsen
  7. Set yourself free – Little Great Things
  8. När änglarna går hem – Martin Stenmarck

Deltävling 3 in Göteborg (February 15)

  1. Echo – Outtrigger
  2. Red – EKO
  3. Yes we can – Oscar Zia
  4. Burning alive – Shirley Clamp
  5. All we are – State of Drama
  6. En enkel sång – CajsaStina Åkerström
  7. Busy doin’ nothin’ – Ace Wilder
  8. Around the world – dr. alban & Jessica Folcker

Deltävling 4 in Örnsköldsvik (February 22)

  1. Blame it on the disco – Alcazar
  2. Fight me if you dare – I.D.A
  3. Hollow – Janet Leon
  4. Raise your hands – Ammotrack
  5. Hela natten – Josef Johansson
  6. Ta mig – Linda Bengtzing
  7. En himmelsk sång – Ellinore Holmer
  8. Natural – Anton Ewald

Willy Lee Adams contributed this report from London. Follow him on Twitter @willyleeadams. You can also keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following on Twitter and Facebook.

Photo: SVT

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10 years ago

Thank You for all your support to me. I want to win this time. Can’t hold back it anymore. Thank You and a happy new year

10 years ago

So excited to see Sanna Nielsen, Oscar Zia en Alcazar compete!

10 years ago

YOHIO needs to win!

10 years ago

SVT uses this excuse that not having a draw “makes the show better,” but I find it really unfair to make the underdogs even more disadvantaged than they already are.

Regarding Anton, if he’s going to win, his song and staging are going to have to be absolutely phenomenal – he doesn’t have the best of vocal abilities, but he sure can dance and design a good choreography. He’s basically going to have to pull an Erik Saade.

10 years ago

SVT does this every year. David and Ulrik (if not breakout stars, still successful in 2012) opened and closed the show last year; it’s obviously important to open and close strong . State of Drama are buried in the middle of the third semi because, while they did make it to the final last year, it’s unlikely the group will do well this year. They placed second-last in televotes and second last overall; I’d actually be surprised if they qualified directly for the final. Yes, Anton definitely seems to be the producers’ favorite (YOHIO will definitely generate a lot of… Read more »

10 years ago

Let’s not forget Outtrigger’s previous warm up for ESC —
A few other familiar names as well.