Blast the trumpets! Bang the drums! The moment has finally arrived. No, I’m not on about Christmas. I’m afraid that’s still a day away. We have something much more important for y’all – our top 5 songs of the year, including our number 1. I know most of you have been staying on Santa’s good list (he’s a major Eurovision fan) by reading our daily countdown. But for those who haven’t there’s still time to catchup:

Is everyone up to date? Shall we proceed? Let the final countdown begin.

5. “Te Despertaré” – Pastora Soler

What we said: From the get go I was reminded of  ”Quédate conmigo” due to the slow pace of the music, and the beautiful melancholic vocals. However, at the first chorus the drums come in, and Pastora lets loose the monumental voice we’ve all come to love. The rest of the song follows this pattern, subtle yet powerful vocals on the verses, with the chorus coming in each time and packing quite the vocal punch that leaves you in wonder of how this woman is so talented. (Zach)

4. “Rebels” – Tooji

What we said: [“Rebels”] doesn’t disappoint. Shot in black and white, it paints a dramatic, even dark picture of two “rebels on the run”, complete with flames bursting out of the singer’s hands. And since he calls his fans “Flames”, it’s a rather accurate image of this new and improved Tooji. (Bogdan)

3. “Human Race” – Margaret Berger

What we said: Berger is no electro puppet. […S]he is a woman who dares to venture out of her comfort zone. She does just that with her new single “Human Race”. The thumping dance anthem asserts the protagonist’s innocence in a world of darkness. “I’m leaving mother earth without a trace,” she says with her other-worldly voice. “I don’t know where I lost my faith, help me escape the human race.” Strip away the electro-pop backdrop and sexy cooing, and this is spoken word at its finest. (Deban)

 2. “Kill” – Anouk

What we said: Recorded entirely with an orchestra, [“Kill”] is, like “Birds”, very atmospheric, moody and deep (some mistakenly call this depressing) and marks a departure from Anouk’s usual rock sound, delving further into the direction of soul that started with “Lost”. […I]n “Kill”, she will speak to the scorned woman who ponders the difficult decision whether to kill the adulterous father of her children. (Bogdan)

1. “We Got the Power” – Loreen

What we said: The song is very dramatic and all sorts of perfect, as is Loreen herself. (Move over, Beyoncé and Rihanna! Loreen is here to stay and conquer the world with her voice and her infectious beats. Consider us her #warriors for life!) No details yet on Loreen’s second album, except that it is due later this year, but if “We Got The Power” is any indication, it’s going to be yet another “everlasting piece of art”, like “Heal”. (Bogdan)

And there you have it. The Warriors’ queen reigns supreme. A deserving winner I think y’all will agree. Or maybe you don’t? Who do you think should have been number 1? What would your top 25 look like?

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Padraig Jude contributed this report from Ireland. Follow him on Twitter at @PadraigJude. And while you’re at it, like our Facebook page to stay up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip.

Cover Photo: EBU

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10 years ago

Excellent Top-3 especially!

10 years ago

I agree with this top 5 & love them all. 😀

10 years ago

Pastora, despiertame siempre

10 years ago

Loove Pastora!!

Nick P.
10 years ago

Out of all the singles Anouk released right after ESC, I thought this was the best one. It also had the best video, but that’s another story for another list. 🙂

10 years ago

Huh. I was hoping that “Mazal” by Samira Said would make the cut.