Some of y’all may remember a catchy little tune from 2003 called “Open your heart”, and its singer Birgitta, who took the Icelandic national finals by storm. But there is always a runner-up, and that was a punk rock band called Botnleðja, who rocked their way to second place with their song “Eurovísa”. Back then, they promised to return after a decade and claiming their rightful victory.  OK, it’s been 11 years, and now they call themselves Pollapönk, but the band’s line up is the same and they haven’t forgotten their promise.  Far from it.

Haraldur Gíslason (Halli), the band’s drummer, guitarist and sometimes lead singer says that after their defeat in 2003, they started to analyze everything the band did, and tried to figure out what went wrong. “Then we suddenly realized…foundation! We needed a better foundation……well, NOW we have it…our fans are our foundation.  The oldest ones are even allowed to have phones now! And our fans from Botnleðja have not forgotten or forgiven, so its just a matter of where do we host the 2015 Eurovision?  That´s the biggest headache, really”.

It seems that this years national finals in Iceland will be brutal, cause Pollapönk/Botnleðja is in it to win it and the good people of Iceland beware…..this time they wont be taking any prisoners.



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6 years ago

Their lineup has changed quite a bit actually, but no more than that of many bands who still retain their names. Halli has moved from the drums to play guitar and sing, there’s a new bass player and a new drummer, and on stage in Copenhagen they’ll add two back-up singers, one of which is currently a member of the Icelandic Parliament.

6 years ago

omg lol I hope they are hilarious
I’m so happy there are reliable streams nowadays to watch these awesome NFs 😀