Happy New Year everyone! As all y’all get ready to pop the champagne and ring in 2014, some of you will surely be thinking of the ups and downs of 2013. But our friends at Eurovisionaer want you to reach further into the past. They’ve compiled a Eurovision Megamix with some of the most memorable Eurovision songs from recent years. It includes snippets of “Molitva”, “Haba Haba,” “My Secret Combination,” “Always,” “Shake, Shake, Shake,” “Let Me Try”, “Angel” and more! As you slip into your tightest pants and put on your face for tonight’s festivities, this streaming mix will get you in the mood to CELEBRATE! Just click here to get down on it.

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8 years ago

I love giant mixes like this <3 happy new year 🙂

il pleut
il pleut
8 years ago

Happy New Year WIWIBLOGG.COM………..

8 years ago

Happy 2014 😀