Remastered and finalized versions of the 12 songs of the Finnish selection, Uuden musiikin kilpailu (UMK) were played on Finnish radio today. The artists have been finishing the songs in the studio together with Jukka Immonen, who produced last year’s Belgian entry, Love Kills. As you’ll remember from out interview with Roberto at Eurovision in Concert last year, Jukka helped whip him and his song into shape for ESC.

You can listen to the remastered versions on Spotify, but sadly the radio program can’t be heard outside of Finland.

This Saturday, the last six acts will be performing to the jury (with demo versions). The live shows start next week. In the first semi-final on the 11th of January the first six artists—Softengine, Dennis Fagerström, Jasmin Michaela, Hukka ja Mama, MIAU and Lili Lambert—will fight for the first spot in final. Based on jury and public votes, one act will get eliminated and the remaining 4 acts will fight for the last places in final on the 25th of January, together with some acts from the second semi-final, which will take place on the 18th of January. And you thought Lithuanian selection was complicated!

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Remastered versions sound a lot better! My opinion still stays the same however.

Hope is still my favorite.

I can’t fully accept Top of The World because of similarities to Straight Into Love, and we all know what happened to Straight Into Love..


The confusing thing is that I already have 12 live demo videos, or so I thought. I won’t be hearing the remastered versions until they are serious about sharing them. But “Painovoima” and “Hope” are so far ahead by my tastes I can’t imagine any of the others surpassing them at this stage. Still, it’s early days yet, and the bar always rises… MIAU: Alternative title “Parody/Homage?” Maybe it could use a bit less nerf and a bit more swarf. Lili Lambert: Nice groove. Hopefully the vocals will be stronger henceforth. “Top of the World” has a lot going for… Read more »