Internal selections for the Eurovision Song Contest make the rumour mill turn. On January 5 Spain’s state broadcaster RTVE announced that it will once again choose its representative internally. Now the rumours are coming thicker and faster than ever in the country of the siesta.

Former British X-Factor contestant Ruth Lorenzo, born in Murcia, in Southern Spain, is the most talked-about potential contestant. She has been said to be the next Spanish Eurovision singer due to some tweets she’s written in which she has – indirectly – said that she wouldn’t mind contesting Eurovision. She’s also been connected to members of the Spanish Eurovision delegation. All this might tell us she’s going to Copenhagen in May.

Roser, a Catalan artist, has also been rumoured as a potential candidate. She’s currently participating as a jury member in RTVE’s talent show Uno de los nuestros and, in the semi-final of this contest, when she congratulated a contestant for his victory, the contestant Wences Sánchez replied with a comment which has been regarded by eurofans as a sign that Roser would be chosen by RTVE to represent them in Eurovision. Moreover, Roser has never denied she would actually love to fly the Spanish flag in Eurovision some year. Maybe this year could be the one for her.

Some other artists have been identified as potential candidates by the eurofans. Many have then denied that they have any intention to represent RTVE. Those include the popular boy band Auryn and the singers Merche, Henry Mendez and Pablo Alborán. Other artists, like Chenoa, have said that they would participate in Eurovision but with some conditions – in her case, choosing her song and bypassing a national selection contest, which means the artist is chosen internally but some songs are sung in a TV show and people vote for one. (Like last year).

Finally, there are artists who have said themselves that they would be interested in participating in Eurovision, but they have not received any public love or official offer from RTVE. Those artists are Angy – who is also an actress and participated in a popular teen TV series; Sweet California, a popular girl band (pictured at top); and the singers Danny Leiva, Lara Pinilla and Fraag Malas, which aren’t household names, but rising talents. Daniel Diges, a former Spanish Eurovision entrant (in Oslo 2010, with Algo pequeñito – Something tiny), stated in a radio interview that he would be interested in representing Spain again if RTVE asked him to.

At the end of the day, there is nothing eurofans can do but to wait until RTVE confirms that they have chosen x artist that will represent Spain at Eurovision 2014. Time will tell which rumours were right and which weren’t. What’s true is that this year the decision is going to be confirmed later than in previous years. Pastora Soler was confirmed to go to Baku on 21 December 2011 and ESDM were chosen by RTVE on 17 December 2012. Maybe this means that this year RTVE is taking Eurovision seriously, contrary to what has happened in previous years, when Spanish people complained about lackluster commitment and effort from the national broadcaster.

Victor Jiménez contributed this report from Spain. For more Eurovision news from Spain be sure to visit his personal blog. You can also keep up with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by following the team from on Twitter @wiwibloggs and by liking our Facebook page.

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8 years ago

Ruth or Roser.

8 years ago

I don’t think Ruth Lopez have a good voice. very BAD. Chenoa is most talented. let’s hope she says yes

8 years ago


8 years ago

Chenoa is the best,Rut lorenzo muy buena opcion tambien, pero como siempre el televoto?.

8 years ago

Chenoa has been mysterious in the past few days, saying that she had an announcement.
She also said this morning that the announcement would be made today. HUGE hopes for Eurovision here.

C’mon Spain! I already have plans to go to Eurovision 2015. If I go to you, would be even more awesome!