Latvian broadcaster LTV has today announced the 24 finalists that will be competing at the Latvian national final Dziesma 2014, along with the 24 song titles announced last month. The running order for the two semi-finals has also been revealed, which you can see below.

Semi-Final 1

1. DJ Dween & Sabine Berezina with “Dejo Ta”

2. Crazy Dolls with “Bucas”

3. Tamara Rutkovska with “I’m Happy”

4. Niko with “Here I Am Again”

5. Ivo Grisnins Grislis with “I’ve Got”

6. Aarzemnieki with “Cake To Bake”

7. Oskars Deigelis with “Just Stop”

8. Samanta Tina with “Stay”

9. MyRadiantU with “Going All The Way”

10. Aminata Savadogo with “I Can Breathe”

11. Davis Matskins with “I Need More”

12. Olga & Ligo with “Saule Riet (Take Away)”

Semi-Final 2

1. Ralfs Eilands, Valters Puce & Nelli Bubujanca with “Revelation”

2. Katrine Lukins with “You Are The Reason”

3. Mad Show Boys with “I Need A Soul-Twin”

4. Markus Riva with “Lights On”

5. Anete Volmane with “Breathe Slow”

6. Rolands Udris with “What If It Was”

7. Katrina Bindere with “Moment and Tomorrow”

8. Andris Kivics with “Pa Vidu Tu”

9. Dons with “Pedeja Vestule”

10. Sabine Vidrike with “Is It Possible”

11. Sabine Berezina with “Pressure”

12. Eirošmits with “If I Could (Get Away)”

There are some familiar faces from the list. Having represented the country last year as lead singer of PeR, Ralfs Eilands has teamed up with Valters Puce and Nelli Bubujanca for this year’s entry. After narrowly missing out twice in a row, Samantha Tina will be hoping to make it third time lucky. Several former participants also include Niko, Sabine Berezina, Mad Show Boys and Ivo Grisninš Grislis.

Semi-final 1 and 2 takes place on 1 and 2 February respectively, both of them at Riga. The final will once again be held at Ventspils on 22 February. This year’s motto for Dziesma 2014 is “Made In Latvia”, referring to the rule that all entries can only involve Latvian composers, lyricists and artists. This is in response to the reversion of last year’s controversial free composer rule.

Anthony Ko contributed this report from the U.K. Follow him on Twitter at @bjorneo. You can also keep up-to-date with the latest Eurovision news and gossip by liking our Facebook page.

Photo: (EBU)

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7 years ago

“I Need a Soul-Twin” is a joke entry, man. Remember their song “Music Thief” from the 2012 selection? Hilarious song, but unfortunately the lyrics were mostly incomprehensible in the live performance.

7 years ago

If Latvia picks the right song I think they’d have a very good chance at winning. This is a VERY strong selection. My favourites are “You Are the Reason”, “Here I Am Again”, “Breathe Slow”, “Just Stop”, and “Stay”. I like the chorus for “I Need a Soul-Twin” but the verses are horrible and the rap part is just…ugh.

7 years ago

AHHHHH The Mad Show Boys are back!!! 😉 LMAO “SO COLD IS BED!!!!!!”