The rumour mill has been turning, but earlier this evening the Israel Broadcasting Authority ground it to a halt. They’ve now confirmed what y’all already knew: Mei Finegold will sing for Israel at Eurovision 2014!

You may recognize Mei as the rocker chick from Kokhav Nolad, Israel’s answer to “American Idol”. She was a favourite of the jury from the first week, but ultimately came third. She may look sweet, but she balanced that with some major rocker edge. You can watch some of her live performances below.

A panel of musical experts brought together by the IBA made their decision last Thursday. They considered 16 artists, each of whom had expressed interest in Eurovision, and then they argued and fought and complained until Mei emerged as the winner. Apparently it came down to her, Doron, and Maya Buscaglia.

What do you think of Mei?

“Leaf in the Wind”

“Seder Yom” (Daily Schedule)

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10 years ago
10 years ago

Really interesting voice! Could be a nice stand out! Can’t wait to hear her ESC tune.