The OGAE fan clubs are in the process of emailing instructions and info for ordering Eurovision tickets out to their members. It’s about time!

Those of us in OGAE Rest of the World who want standing tickets have received the information and can already order them. Most people’s cards are failing when they attempt to complete their order. I first tried with a Visa (issued in the U.S.) and then asked a friend to try using a Mastercard and Maestro EC (both issued in Germany). All failed. I then tried my work Visa card (issued in the U.S.) and entered just the zipcode (postal code) as the address. That worked.

I think to have your charge go through you need to enter just your postal code in the box where it asks for the address. Nothing more.

This makes sense because online stores sending the info to the card processor, while you can pass the full address, the part that is checked is the postal code. Please comment below with what worked (or failed) for you ordering.

And then you receive your tickets as a PDF file and while each page looks like a ticket, with a bar code, in big letters it says “This Is Not A Ticket.” It’s not. Here’s what they told me about that:

You will have to bring the voucher to Denmark where you will get them exchanged for a ticket. You will get more information about this on your email at a later time.

Billetlugen appears to be having issues. Lots and lots of them.

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8 years ago

Ohh that’s worrying.. I’m debating about whether joining OGAE.. but if there are also problems there, then that kinda sucks.