Lukas Plöchl, one of the two members of the Austrian hip-hop duo Trackshittaz, knows how to throw down rap. But last night he shared his softer side, revealing that he is also a big fan of schlager.

The revelation came on Friday evening during the new music show “Herz von Österreich” (Heart of Austria). The show is looking for fresh new faces with good voices and songs sung in German. Lukas is sitting on the jury next to two of Austria’s biggest singers Stefanie Werger and DJ Ötzi.

During the show juror Stefanie called Lukas a “Softyboy” because he was in love with schlager music during the show. His love of the sugary genre was raised when Julia Buchner entered the stage and sang a schlager song. In a move that took everyone by surprise, Lukas gave her the last golden ticket to continue in the competition.

Lukas said: “Today is my Schlager-day! I’m kinda surprised with myself.”

Apparently even the most hardcore rapper can be a softy with a big heart.

The Trackshittaz represented Austria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with their song “Woki mit deim Popo”. They only recieved 8 points and finished in last place during their semi-final.

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Photo: Puls4