DR, Denmark’s state broadcaster, has announced the 10 acts who will compete in the finals of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix (DGMP) 2014.

The Contestants

  1. Sonny Feeling The You

    Songwriters: Frederik Tao Nordsøe Schjoldan, Thomas Lumpkins

  2. Anna David It Hurts

    Songwriters: Anna David, Lasse Lindorff, Kim Nowak-Zorde, Jeremy Huffleman, Marli Harwood, Michael Harwood, Nick Keynes.

  3. Basim Cliche Love Song

    Songwriters: Lasse Lindorff, Kim Nowak-Zorde, Daniel Falt, Basim

  4. Rebekah Thor Bech Your Lies

    Songwriters: Danne Attlerud, Gustav Eurén, Niclas Arn

  5. GlamboyP Right By Your Side

    Songwriters: Mathias Kalle Berger, Andreas Berlin, Jasmine Anderson

  6. Bryan Rice I Choose You

    Songwriters: Lars Halvor Jensen, John Jorgensen, Shanna Crooks

  7. Nadia Malm Before You Forget Me

    Songwriters: Nadia Malm

  8. Michael Rune feat Natascha Bessez Wanna be Loved

    Songwriters: Lars Halvor Jensen, Martin Larsson, Luke Madden, Lemare Obika

  9. Emilie Moldow We find home

    Songwriters: Engelina, Ole Brodersen, Kasper Larsen, Basim

  10. Danni Elmo She’s The One

    Songwriters: Engelina, Alexander Brown, Søren Vestergaard, Marcus Linnet

The broadcaster received a record 872 submissions this year, so we have a feeling some of these songs will be amazing.

You may recognize some of the names. Danni Elmo and Bryan Rice are both runners-up in the contest, having competed in 2006 and 2010 respectively.

The final will take place in Odense on March 8


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7 years ago

I am fangirling like CRAZY over Bryan Rice as we speak. “Breathing” is one of my all-time favourite NF songs, and in my opinion totally should have beaten the cliched snoozefest that was “IAMLIT”. And for saying that, I will probably be the one getting beaten.

I really hope his song lives up to my expectations. That could well depend on whether the title is “I Choose You” or “I Choose U” (uugghh). I’ve seen both…

7 years ago

Just like every year I’m looking forward to the Danish selection this year. The Danish final is always one of the highlights of the Eurovision season for me. The line-up sounds already promising. Very curious to listen to all the songs.